MaintMaster blog - 24 February 2019

MaintMaster supports sports for children

MaintMaster supports sports for children

With 27 000 users all over the world, MaintMaster works with increasing a company’s productivity, profitability and reliability using the maintenance software MaintMaster. Preventive maintenance is an important and big part, to control, check and discover faults before they cause major production stops. To prevent expensive spare parts and transports with negative impact on the environment.

– Unique with our system is that it puts the user in focus. MaintMaster adjust to our customers way of work and the change or improve it by themselves, says Madelen Barkland, marketing and communication responsible at MaintMaster, and continues;

– Maintenance is central for a company to work and get a probability production. Just in the same way, humans also need maintenance in order to feel good and perform better. Maintenance for a human is about movement, food and good relationships.

New for this year is that MaintMaster will support sport for children. This year it’s a swedish ice hockey league, MaintMaster Kallerstad Cup. MaintMaster wants to pay attention the importance of maintenance for humans as well as machines. They see it as an investment in the children.
– Daily we get reports telling that our kids move less and less. If we take care of us from the start, by movement and good food, we will last a little bit longer. Just as machines we can get the chance of a longer life if we take care of ourselves.

Madelen would like to continue to see that MaintMaster supports children in their sports but she cannot reveal their next project.