MaintMaster blog - 11 July 2018

MaintMaster support are here for you

MaintMaster support are here for you

MaintMaster support are here for you, all summer!

Congratulation MaintMasters to a fantastic start of 2018. The number of users has increased with more than 3 000!
To work in MaintMaster support Team is an honor and the increased number is well noticed since we get to talk to lots of new MaintMasters! MaintMaster is used by so many interesting companies and it’s very enjoyable to answer your questions and to be a part of your journey.

For many of you a support might be a department that you talk to when you’ve done something wrong, or are having a problem, but our support is wider. You don’t need to have an actual problem to contact us, we are also here for you as a sounding board. Initially, our focus is always to find out what it is you want to do or what issue you want to solve and why, not how you do it. This creates interesting discussions where the solution for you might be something you haven’t thought about.

Now it’s time for summer and vacations. Focus is slowly shifting from your everyday work, to days at the beach, long nights by the bbq and hanging out with friends and family. Vacation is a time for rest, but it can also give you time to reflect. Questions you’ve had can finally have the time and space they deserves. That’s why MaintMaster support don’t have any vacation. We are here for you all summer!

You might get nervous now, thinking that I won’t get my own vacation. Well, let me inform you that all my colleagues have experience in working at our support. So, Emma and I, who usually are the ones you get to talk to, will be able to get some vacation as well. 🙂

To summarize, when it’s time to take care of your questions and thoughts about maintenance and MaintMaster – we are here for you!

With greetings
Erik Söderberg

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