MaintMaster blog - 27 February 2018

MaintMaster trainings!

MaintMaster trainings!

Today we’re having an extra System Introduction due to a high amount of participants for this spring. Right now our trainings are extremely popular and well appreciated among those who attend.

With MaintMaster you get a comprehensive training program that covers the needs of knowledge for MaintMaster, and how to adapt the system to support your processes.

To make it easier for you to see the relevant programs, the trainings are divided into two different areas:


  1. For you who’s using MaintMaster and wants to know more about how to adjust and adapt the system:
    • System Introduction
    • MaintMaster as a tool
    • Processes & workflows
    • Purchase & stockroom
  2. For you who wants to know more about specific areas of maintenance
    • Maintenance management
  3. Learn how to learn the most important knowledge:
    • It’s you who owns your maintenance processes. Therefore it is crucial that you own the knowledge about how to use MaintMaster. In order to achieve this, you will learn how to develop and implement a customized training (so called Basic User) to ensure that your operators and technicians have the right skills. This ensures that you maintain the knowledge even after MaintMaster has handed over the implementation to you. Of course, we are still at hand for our more advanced courses.



Our recommendation:

We have done a lot of implementations; therefore, we know what you need to know to get a powerful tool. So if you’re in the beginning of the project, we highly recommend you walk through our trainings in the following order:

– System Introduction
– MaintMaster as a tool
– Processes & workflows
– Stockroom & purchase
– Maintenance management

Make sure to plan your trainings so that you get a few weeks (2-6) between every training in order to have time to apply your new knowledge to your work. After a lot of years in the business we know that it’s easy to lose the value of an education by not giving yourself the time to reflect.



For you who’s already using MaintMaster:

You can attend to any of the trainings mentioned above. To attend MaintMaster as a tool after using the system for a while might be a good idea since you will get a reminder of cool functions. The same goes for Processes & workflows. And all other trainings, really.


/ Lars Johansson, Training manager, MaintMaster Systems

+46 (0) 13 377 912