MaintMaster blog - 2 April 2019

New at MaintMaster

New at MaintMaster

Niclas Helander started at MaintMaster on March 1st. He will be part of MaintMaster Customer Care with focus on aftermarket. Niclas had no previous experience with maintenance systems or MaintMaster but looks forward learning.

Hi Niclas, how does it feel to be a new MaintMaster employee? 
– Hi! Being a new MaintMaster employee is easy; you get well taken care of by everybody at the company. Within a very short time I was shown the personnel policy, something I haven’t experienced before. Everyone gets met, and we all help each other. There’s no need to be afraid to ask questions, and you soon fit into the group.

You’re completely new to maintenance systems. How do you feel about that?
– I know that some form of maintenance systems exist in most companies, but it’s not something I’ve worked with. I already feel at home in the job as I’ve seen how my colleagues are there for each other and how everyone works toward the same goals. Now it’s up to me to get all these ducks in a row and learn how the program works, and what capabilities it provides.

What attracted you to MaintMaster?
– As a company, MaintMaster was entirely new for me. What attracted me was the chance to try a completely new industry, and what’s more, the position appealed to me as a person. It has a lot to do with working with customers, being a part of their development and acting as their sounding board. Even at the interview, I got a good picture of how the position could develop over time.

How were your first weeks? What did you get to do?
– There’s a clear introduction schedule for the first four weeks. Because the induction covers every part of the company, you get a good overall picture. An in-depth presentation of the company, a training package, participating in project meetings, working actively with support and sitting in on sales meetings are some of the things the induction includes. I’m in my third week and spent my first weeks sitting in on support and taking part in training. I’ve gained insights into how we and our customers work, which has been a good start.

You’ll continue with your introduction during the spring before taking up your position in due course. If we fast-forward to the fall, what are you looking forward to doing then?
– The fall will be interesting as I’ll get to know our customers and their operations. While I was in training I noticed that certain customers lack an extra contact with us – someone to bounce ideas off or from whom to gain support for a project before they pursue it internally. I’d like to develop that. Another thing I’ve noticed is that our customers often talk to each other and say “aha, so that’s how you guys do it…”. It’s something I’ve taken on board and I hope to be able to work more with e.g. through networks where our customers can meet and bounce ideas around with us and each other.

Welcome, Niclas! We look forward to your helping customers refine their businesses for many years to come. Glad to have you on the team!



Niclas Helander is a part of our Customer Care and will mainly work with customers, helping them develop.
If you want to get in touch, you can reach him at