MaintMaster blog - 20 May 2021

New developer at MaintMaster

New developer at MaintMaster

Our development team is growing, and this past year we have added 3 new stars, most recently Jesper Gustafsson! What’s it like to start working with us? We’ve asked Jesper a few questions.

Hello Jesper, and welcome! Tell me, what’s it been like to start working at MaintMaster?
“Thanks! My early days here have been great. I’ve completed two training courses, System Introduction and MaintMaster as a Tool. I’ve received an overall introduction to how the various departments, such as finance and support, work. It’s been very useful to get to know MaintMaster as a company from different perspectives.

Were you familiar with MaintMaster before you started here?
“No, I didn’t know much about MaintMaster but I’d heard about maintenance systems through my wife who’d used one in a previous workplace. When I googled “MaintMaster” and downloaded a test system, it was my wife who told me how the system worked; it turned out that she’d worked in an earlier edition of MaintMaster, then called Aretics T7! That made me even more curious about the service.”

Wow, what a coincidence! Beyond that, was there anything else that attracted you to the company?
“After working in teams with only a few colleagues, I was looking forward to having more colleagues. I’m also very interested in IOT.”

The question we’re all wondering about: have you solved any bugs or created a feature in MaintMaster?
“Ha ha, no. I’ve only worked here for 2 weeks, the first of which was devoted to training and introduction. Right now, I’m getting to know the code.”

We’re growing our team!

We’re so glad that Jesper is part of our team! We will continue to expand our team in Linköping, Sweden. Do you know anyone who should apply?

To the job ad (Swedish):