Thanks to MaintMasters’ flexibility and high level of user-friendliness, it is easy to apply the system in various types of businesses, regardless of industry. Here is a selection of industries that use MaintMaster in their daily operations;


In the manufacturing industry you want to prevent costly downtime. Our maintenance system helps you with scheduling to avoid unpleasant surprises. MaintMaster gives you full control over multiple production systems, manufacturing and repairs in parallel. In addition you get an overview of past maintenance issues, the status of current work orders and can automatically schedule future maintenance. Why not simplify and reorganize your maintenance work today?



We know that mining requires detailed inspection of the condition of equipment and preventive maintenance in order to avoid costly downtime. Maintenance work is, therefore, a key element for profitable mining. MaintMaster allows you to organize maintenance work, schedule future maintenance and perform checks of previous repairs.


Data centre

Data centres are very complex and require regular maintenance of HVAC systems, servers and power supplies. A maintenance system allows you to do error search at any time, in order to detect any possible faults early and take preventive measures to prevent future interruptions. MaintMaster allows you to optimize productivity and minimize maintenance costs through preventive maintenance.


Power station

MaintMaster ensures that your power plant complies with current regulations. A well-maintained facility ensures production, minimizes the risk of downtime and counters unwelcome expenses. Our maintenance system allows you to create long-term maintenance plans that are based on previous data, to protect the daily operations.



Public transportation requires solid and regular maintenance work to ensure the safety of their passengers. A comprehensive maintenance system is vital in any kind of public transportation system. Besides, improving safety, can also lead to increased customer satisfaction and improved punctuality.



Industrial maintenance is extremely important in making the production equipment and working environment safe. Lack of maintenance can increase the risk of accidents, downtime and interrupted production. MaintMaster ensures that your industry meets current standards and that your work environment is safe and secure.



All types of vehicles needs qualified maintenance work, with detailed reports and a maintenance system that is accessible for all employees. A maintenance system is crucial whether your logistic company has 10 or 10,000 vehicles, in order to reduce maintenance costs, avoid vehicle breakdowns, optimize safety and maximise the fleets’ lifespan.


Amusement parks

It is not easy to maintain amusement parks. Amusement parks, water parks, zoo and playgrounds all have one thing in common; they have an environment that places great demands on maintenance. They also have customers who expect an outstanding experience and the highest possible safety. Try MaintMaster for high quality maintenance.



Public sector

Whether you are responsible for all, or part of a local authority’s maintenance work, MaintMaster can make your work faster, easier and more efficient. Projects in the public sector often involves large investments, requiring a system that can detect and minimize the risk of unwelcome costs and ensure a safe working environment.



Most farmers have the same ambition – to reduce costs and prevent machine failure during their most hectic periods. MaintMaster can help you plan for the purchase of spare parts and schedule future maintenance, to extend the lifespan of your equipment. All this is available in your smartphone. Wherever you are, you are in total control.



When working with maintenance in schools or institutes you need to think of durability and cutting costs. Well-planned maintenance is essential both for the students and the schools’ staff. With MaintMaster you can choose a holistic approach; including structured planning and allocation of the work-orders, to minimize the number of emergency expenditures. Besides you will create a safer and more pleasant environment.