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Our customers have reached different stages in their efforts to achieve world-class maintenance. We offer courses for every stage of the way. Contact us if you’re interested in a course at your company or near you.

For customers who have MaintMaster and want to know how best to adapt and put the tool to use:

System Introduction

Here you will learn the foundations in MaintMaster and what maintenance is according to the European standard.
You will learn the functions that we use in our everyday tasks; to create new jobs, to withdraw items, to report a job that’s done, and how to find information (supplier contacts, items, jobs created by me, etc.).
But to create a fault report, search for a supplier or withdraw an item, you need to add these things into MaintMaster. Therefore, you will learn how we built our system. We will enter data to the system; add machines, spare parts, suppliers, persons, consumables, and other stuff that you might need in your system. For you to get a structured system we will add some extra time on categorization and why it’s important.

Location: Linköping, Sweden
Skills: None
Length: 1 day
Price: 690 EUR

MaintMaster as a tool

In the previous training you learned how to use the most common functions in MaintMaster, the functions that you need in your everyday work; how to create new jobs, report stuff that you’ve done, search for spare parts, etc. And you also learned how to create new stuff and the importance of categorizing.
In this part, you will learn more about how to get information from all the data that you have entered. How to create reports, charts and KPI’s. For instance, we will create a list of our prioritized machines.
Once we’ve gone through how we visualize our stuff, we will continue with system settings to aid your quest to make MaintMaster even easier to use. You can create templates to make it easier to order a job, create a list of persons that the job could be sent to, and to add fields for the information that you want to have when someone is completing a job.
For the last part, you will learn how to set up MaintMaster for different roles, showing right information for each user. You will also set up the easy to use client called Shortcut, showing the most used function for a specific location, such as the stockroom or next to a production line. Settings that determines what your users can do – order new jobs, report on a job, find information for a supplier contact, and make withdrawals

Location: Linköping, Sweden
Skills: System Introduction
Length: 2 days
Price: 990 EUR

Processes and flows

It’s only once you have a common way to work in a system, when everyone is doing the same way, that it’s starting to be useful. Since you now know how to handle MaintMaster as a tool, you should continue to learn on how to adopt it to the way that you work.
For you to work standardized and to handle your tasks in the same way, you will learn how to identify the work flow that you have and to implement a routine for it. There are many processes in maintenance and the goal here is to implement support for each of them in MaintMaster. By having support for your all work flows, you don’t need to worry about what the next step should be, that tasks are lost or forgotten.
For the education, we will use the incident handling as an example for identifying our process, since it needs to be handled in a clear and structured way. From the activities that we find, you will create a process map, a routine and implement support in MaintMaster. The example will be the incident handling, but the steps that we walk through will be useful for any process that you might find when you’re back at work. With the material that you’ll get you can set up support for any process you’d like.

Location: Linköping, Sweden
Skills: System Introduction & MaintMaster as a tool
Length: 2 days
Price: 990 EUR

For customers who want to know more about specific maintenance areas:

Maintenance Management – goals and improvements

In the previous training you learned how to find your workflows and your processes in order to get a standardized way to work. Thanks to that, you’ll now be able to measure your maintenance. In this course, we will discuss how you can improve your maintenance and how to set up goals. We will start with the European standard and best practice for how to plan work orders, but you’ll also learn how to handle unplanned events. Everything is designed for you to get full control of your maintenance.
The training will start with how to handle the activities that needs to be planned, from a preventive maintenance that is recurrent every month, to maintenance interventions that requires production stop (how, when, resources, parts, etc.).
We will also go through how you can plan for events that isn’t plannable. It could be events like unpredicted stop in a machine (is the machine prioritized? Do we need to contact a manager? How do we make sure that we have a follow up?), or an accident (who should we contact? Insurance company? Family? Follow up?). With the knowledge that you have prepared activities that needs to be performed if something unexpected happens, you are in control.
So, once you know how to handle all your activities, we will discuss how to set up goals for your maintenance. To help you get started, we will use the example of the goal to decrease the immediate corrective maintenance, and increase the preventive maintenance. Together we will discuss the steps that we need to take in order to reach our goal so that when you get home, you’ll be able to apply your new knowledge to any goal that you might have. And MaintMaster can be the support that you need for visualization

Location: Linköping, Sweden
Skills: System Introduction, MaintMaster as a tool & Processes and workflows
Length: 2 days
Price: 990 EUR

Stockroom & Purchase order

In this training, we will go through how you can optimize your stockroom, and how to make it up to date so you always have the right items in stock, when needed. We will go through the classification that you can use in order to calculate the right number of items that you should have in stock. This knowledge will make it possible to find your “shelf-warmers”, items that you have in your stockroom but don’t really need. You’ll learn how to find the items that you always need to have in stock too.
Practical exercises where we use MaintMaster as system support (for example you’ll learn how to handle purchase orders that wasn’t planned), will be mixed with discussions about what a reliable stockroom really is.
This education is for you who works daily with questions regarding stockroom and part management.

Location: Linköping, Sweden
Skills: System Introduction, MaintMaster as a tool, Processes & flows.
Length:  One day, from lunch to lunch. All meals are included but no accommodation.
Price: 990 EUR


For this training, we go through the importance of reporting what you do, in order to get a change. The training is held at your site which make it possible for us, and for you, to reach out to more people.
In order to increase the motivation to report we talk about the consequences and the potential that reporting can give you.
This training is not a part of any of our training packages.

Please contact us for a price.

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