MaintMaster Academy

About MaintMaster Academy

We have a strong believe in our users. We know that maintenance is essential for safety, sustainability and productivity in industry. Our users want to be in control over their tools to reach their full potential. Everything we do at MaintMaster is hand in hand with our belief.

And our trainings are not an exception. Your journey with MaintMaster is about getting the knowledge that you need to reach new levels. To implement a maintenance system can cause questions and in some cases an uncertainty. With our trainings we help you in all steps from being new in MaintMaster, to get the tool to be in full control.

After you’ve participated at our trainings, you will be able to adjust MaintMaster to your way of working, and to change the system if needed. You will also be safe in knowing that you’re not only handling all normal tasks and activities, but also situations that you might not be able to affect.

If you have any questions at all, you’re welcome to contact us!

Contact information


Phone, Lars Johansson: +46 13 377 912