E-learning is a method were you use your computer and other communication techniques to learn in an effective way. 
A lot of studies has shown that E-learning in general is as effective as the ordinary way of learning. 

Our courses are designed for you to learn more about the CMMS MaintMaster.

During the course you can always contact us at MaintMaster if there’s an element that you don’t understand or if you have questions regarding a function or explanation.



Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to finish your course at once. As long as you access it again from the same device, it will remember were you left.

Please notice that as for today, our E-learning only works on computers.


System Introduction

MaintMaster CMMS

Learn the foundations of MaintMaster and use functions for our everyday tasks; create new jobs, withdraw items, report a job that’s done, and find information (supplier contacts, items, jobs created by me, etc.).

But you will also learn how to built your system. What you need to create a fault report, search for a supplier or withdraw an item.  You will enter data to the system; add machines, spare parts, suppliers, persons, consumables, and other stuff that you might need in your system.


For this course you need to have an online Training System. Please create your training system here.

No previously MaintMaster skills are required for this training.

To the course!