The system as a tool


In the previous training you learned how to use the most common functions in MaintMaster, the functions that you need in your everyday work; how to create new jobs, report stuff that you’ve done, search for spare parts, etc. And you also learned how to create new stuff and the importance of categorizing.

In this part, you will learn more about how to get information from all the data that you have entered. How to create reports, charts and KPI’s. For instance, we will create a list of our prioritized machines.
Once we’ve gone through how we visualize our stuff, we will continue with system settings to aid your quest to make MaintMaster even easier to use. You can create templates to make it easier to order a job, create a list of persons that the job could be sent to, and to add fields for the information that you want to have when someone is completing a job.

For the last part, you will learn how to set up MaintMaster for different roles, showing right information for each user. You will also set up the easy to use client called Shortcut, showing the most used function for a specific location, such as the stockroom or next to a production line. Settings that determines what your users can do – order new jobs, report on a job, find information for a supplier contact, and make withdrawals

When and where?

  • Location: Online
  • Required skills:System Introduction
  • Duration: 3 days (4,5 hours each day)
  • Price: €990 / £829



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