Mobile CMMS

The app creates a mobile workplace allowing all information to be recorded in real time. The more information, the better the overview. With a complete picture of the work flow, you can also create a safer operating environment. By applying a few simple measures, you can improve efficiency and increase production while boosting your company’s profitability.

Full control directly on your smartphone

An age where rationalization is essential demands a maintenance system whose performance goes way beyond expectations. It’s why we developed the MaintMaster app, a mobile CMMS – a solution that provides you and your employees with full access to the system’s key functions anywhere, and at any time. To make sure the right things get done at the right time.

Save 20 mins a day

What does this mean for you? Whatever we do, time always seems to be in short supply. We’re making 20 minutes available to you for things that are normally bottom of the list. Maybe now you’ll have a little time to deal with those emails that always have to wait until tomorrow, or put together an agenda for the upcoming status meeting, or a quick inventory, or invite colleagues over for a coffee. No matter what you spend your 20 minutes on, we know they’ll make for a valuable input

Direct access to important functions

Create a defect report, clock in at a job and report everything you do as soon as it happens. The app has the same menu structure as your desktop version; all the information remains the same and you’ll find it as straightforward as you always do, no matter where you may be.

Contact details directly in the app

Contact the person who created an order in the system directly from the app via email or phone.

Quick and easy search function

With our search function, you always find what you’re looking for. Use the scanning function to read barcodes and QR codes. Voice recognition lets you enter data quickly when your hands are full.

Save time

You can use the app to register a defect report on the spot and avoid any type of posting, giving you time for proactive work and staying ahead of the game.

Improved work efficiency

The easy-to-use app allows you to quickly find spare parts, suppliers, machine information and anything else in the system. Enjoy full control over the workflow directly from your smartphone.

Increased profitability

Thanks to the app, you can save 20 minutes a day, which on an annual basis is equivalent to almost two working weeks. More precisely, 73 hours that everyone can devote to boosting production and improving profitability.

More about the app

Check out this page to learn more about how to use the MaintMasters app.

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