Mobile inspection - MaintMaster Inspector

Using MaintMaster Inspector, you can now manage all your checklists in your mobile device. Built-in decision support will help you take action on the right things, and get all deviations automatically followed up by new work orders in MaintMaster. It’s time to digitalize your paperwork. All reports are stored in the cloud with full traceability. Quick and easy! All of your information is now available whenever you need it.

Health and safety

Allow your staff to sign off work order clearance to increase safety.


Manage rounds

Simple and dynamic rounds to increase usage and reporting.


Measure temperatures

For temperature-dependent equipment, just enter a value and get an indication of whether it is good or not.


Manage exceptions

So you found exceptions? Don’t worry! You can easily add them, and they’ll be reported as new work orders in MaintMaster.


Digital signatures

Secure your reports with digital signatures.
Forget paperwork!



Make inspections more intuitive by creating checklists with interactive response options. to get more information,

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