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We are constantly improving our software. This is a brief summary of the latest features that our development team has been working on.

For a full list of recent Features and changes, see our release notes:

release notes




Our recent Updates:

  • Interval adjustments

    - MaintMaster 8.12 introduces separate permissions for managing interval settings, a clearer question when changing the setting and a smarter grouping of existing intervals. In the 8.11 release we made an important improvement of how Interval settings for recurrent jobs is managed, it became its own entity making it more explicit and easier to manage several…

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  • Separation of planned parts and withdrawn parts on jobs

    - Planning and withdrawing parts on jobs:  This is a big change and a great improvement. Instead of depending on the job status, all withdrawals of parts to a job can be made much more explicit. In job card, we have separated the planned parts for a job, and the actual used parts. Those can be…

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  • Follow-up job for everyone

    - Creating follow-up jobs is a very powerful tool in MaintMaster. Starting in 8.12 you can create them with a guide, making this feature available to users with limited permissions. Since long, creating a follow-up job means that you open the job card of that category. Unfortunately, this means that Essential users or other users without…

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  • EN 13306: Good communication leads to successful maintenance

    - Guest contribution: Communication is key  – we have to talk to each other and we have to document our activities! En 13306: Communication is crucial for maintenance workers. One of the most important exercises is the documentation of our activities.  A transparent delivery of all maintenance tasks helps all parties involved to understand exactly what…

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  • Job interval management

    - From version 8.11 of MaintMaster, we have made a change in how to create and manage intervals for recurrent jobs. If you edit an interval and do that wrong, you change all recurrent original jobs with this interval, with possible major consequences. In previous versions of MaintMaster you specified the interval for each recurrent job.…

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  • Web client up and running

    - Hi MaintMasters, Great News! We made it through the update week. Almost all customers are now running our latest release. 8.11 codename “Fairybell”. With the update, you now have access to some new features including our new web client. The web client makes it possible to access you MaintMaster system from the browser. Feel free…

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  • IoT Sensors from MaintMaster

    - As easy and flexile as MaintMaster CMMS   MaintMaster IoT Sensors are designed to detect deviations long before breakdowns occur. Sensors are not a new technology. But to connect them to a maintenance system such as MaintMaster is where real value is generated. Data from the sensors will be fed directly into MaintMaster. There you…

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  • Updates from MaintMaster

    - MaintMaster is under constant improvement. This time, we want to announce some of the newest features that our development team has been working on. The backbone for a new mobile app In the latest release of MaintMaster, we have built the foundation for an all new mobile app. It will include more of the functionality…

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The backbone for a new mobile app

In the latest release of MaintMaster, we have built the foundation for an all new mobile app. It will include more of the functionality that you are used to in our desktop client and will be released step-by-step over the coming year. This is the first step. Stay tuned!

Better user access and management

Advanced Access: We have added a 4th user level: It’s called “Advanced User”. Now, MaintMasters can have advanced access, standard access, essential access and basic access.
Manage loads of users with ease: We have added the option to sign in with Azure Active Directory. This will be great for IT departments to manage all their users.
Impersonation of users: A Advanced access user can impersonate other users in order to check all settings. When you impersonate someone, you will now be prompted to provide a reason. All impersonations are logged and can now be shown in a selection for better traceability.
User Invite Status: The invite status of users and the ability to re-invite them has been added to user settings.

New smooth import and export

Our new import and export functionality is server side managed. This way we can check for inconsistencies before we start the import process. The files will be first uploaded and then processed. It’s also much more explicit than before. You can also import multiple excel sheets at the same time. Easier, quicker and smoother.

Do things faster

Interface Shortcuts: You can now disable and enable shortcuts rather having to delete and re-create them.
Window Management: The main window of MaintMaster now moves independently of all its children. You can now have different applications running above, under or between MaintMaster windows. It’s implemented as a user setting.
Keyboard shortcuts: All dialogs can be closed using Escape button, and those with OK button can be closed with Enter.

Re-use intervals for recurring jobs

Intervals has been moved to an entity of its own. Now you select the interval you want to use when you create a recurring job. The functionality of intervals is the same as before but now you can re-use the same interval settings for multiple recurring jobs.

Performance tweaks

See what’s happening: A progressbar appears if bulk management of work is being performed
Test selections: Selection tester is a tool to see if your selections are working and get statistics about them, perfect to find problematic configuration
Snappy everything: We have done loads of under-the-hood work to make the latest release of MaintMaster the most speedy one ever. This includes optimized database indexes and many other tweaks. You will feel it once you upgrade.

More data to show

Show all relationships in a selection:  There are quite a few new Table providers. They show more data than ever before, for instance relations between site objects and parts. Use them to join data from different tables easily. You see them all at the same place where you create new selections
Appropriate sorting: When adding a joined value from a selection as a column in table provider, you can now show first value based on sorting in that selection.

Much, much more.

This is just an excerpt of all the new features and improvements. Other improvements include better regional support, more control over round jobs and improved stockroom management. See the full MaintMaster Release notes for detailed information.