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We are constantly improving our software. This is a brief summary of the latest features that our development team has been working on.

For a full list of recent Features and changes, see our release notes:

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Our recent Updates

  • MaintMaster goes IoT – Just install sensors

    - One of the many buzz words that we all hear again and again in maintenance is the topic of IoT. Certainly, your management also has IoT at least in parlance, if not high on the agenda. So, it would be very good if your maintenance is already one step ahead, and actually relies on the…

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  • News in MaintMaster 8.15 – App

    - Therese is showing some of the features of MaintMaster version 8.15 - with a focus on our app. Some new features: 1. Quick search functionality in the app, always present in the bottom bar. Find and open anything in your MaintMaster system. 2. Job history added for Site objects 3. Editable dropdowns in the mobile…

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  • News in MaintMaster 8.15 – Desktop

    - Therese Carlsson, MaintMaster support, is showing some of the new features in MaintMaster 8.15. She's also talking about permissions in general and how the function impersonate works (can only be used by specific users). Some of the news: 1. You now have more options when context-clicking multiple selected purchase orders. 2. New system setting under…

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  • Major overhaul of the phone app, both Android and iOS

    - OK, so we skipped the 13:th version on account of some superstitiousness, why jinx a really nice update? 🙂 MaintMaster 8.14 represent a major leap for our app. Now you can perform most of your everyday tasks in your app, including creating new jobs and site objects, editing all sorts of descriptions and making withdrawals…

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  • See the progress over time for you KPI’s

    - The KPI's you use in MaintMaster is a snapshot of the value right here, right now. And in many cases, that is all you need. But what if you want to track the progress of a KPI, see how it develops over time? Many of you have solved that by exporting figures weekly or monthly,…

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  • Reintroduction of search and filter in Report guide

    - For the 8.12 release we made some significant improvements to how spare parts are handled in relation to jobs, you can separate what's planned from what actually has been used. While doing so we changed the layout and the way you add spare parts when using the report guide. For most of you this was…

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  • Interval adjustments

    - MaintMaster 8.12 introduces separate permissions for managing interval settings, a clearer question when changing the setting and a smarter grouping of existing intervals. In the 8.11 release we made an important improvement of how Interval settings for recurrent jobs is managed, it became its own entity making it more explicit and easier to manage several…

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  • Separation of planned parts and withdrawn parts on jobs

    - Planning and withdrawing parts on jobs:  This is a big change and a great improvement. Instead of depending on the job status, all withdrawals of parts to a job can be made much more explicit. In job card, we have separated the planned parts for a job, and the actual used parts. Those can be…

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  • Follow-up job for everyone

    - Creating follow-up jobs is a very powerful tool in MaintMaster. Starting in 8.12 you can create them with a guide, making this feature available to users with limited permissions. Since long, creating a follow-up job means that you open the job card of that category. Unfortunately, this means that Essential users or other users without…

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  • EN 13306: Good communication leads to successful maintenance

    - Guest contribution: Communication is key  – we have to talk to each other and we have to document our activities! En 13306: Communication is crucial for maintenance workers. One of the most important exercises is the documentation of our activities.  A transparent delivery of all maintenance tasks helps all parties involved to understand exactly what…

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