MaintMaster blog - 22 April 2021

See the progress over time for you KPI’s

See the progress over time for you KPI’s


The KPI’s you use in MaintMaster is a snapshot of the value right here, right now. And in many cases, that is all you need. But what if you want to track the progress of a KPI, see how it develops over time? Many of you have solved that by exporting figures weekly or monthly, but now there’s a better way, simply save current value to be able to track it over time. In System Settings where you manage KPI’s you will se a new tab called History. You activate the saving and select when to save the value, for instance every Monday morning or every day at 6 pm. The historical values are stored in an Information table called Sample aggregations, you can find it where you manage all your selections. Add the column KPI and you will see values for the KPI you are tracking, once there is data saved.


Updating your MaintMaster system:

You need to be a registered Solution Admin if you want to update your MaintMaster system. If you are unsure who the Solution Admin in your company is, contact MaintMaster Support

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in
  3. Select “Systems”
  4. Click the “Apply update” button to open a dialog to help you update your system

Why can’t I update all systems?

Any release of MaintMaster goes through a series of stages. When we reach Release Candidate, the last step before Public Release, we make it available to all Sandbox and Training systems. That way, you can test the coming functionality before it is actually released. When we declare a release to be Public Release, it’s available to systems including your Production system.