Selection to SQL

Create an integration in 2 minutes, all by yourself. Set up a one-way integration between MaintMaster and your SQL Server using the service Selection to SQL. You choose the selections to export and how often. Use the exported information in third party products such as Power BI, QlikView, Excel or other systems. To integrate MaintMaster has never been easier!

An integration managed by you

To store information in different systems and to daily work in several is not unusual. There’s one system for e-mail, one for finance, creating reports, purchase orders and of course also for maintenance, MaintMaster.

You have all the reasons for wanting to share information from one system to another, but to manage integrations are often expensive and complicated.

Selection to SQL is a MaintMaster service making it possible for you to copy information from MaintMaster and share it with others. A one-way integration administrated by you. Use it to create a local backup, visualize data from several systems, export to your finance system and a lot more.


Visualize data from MaintMaster and other resources using tools as QlikView or Power BI. Compile information from several systems in MaintMaster into one common report.

Planning tool

Planning resources in different systems? In that case this service could help you with the overview by sharing your planned resources from MaintMaster with other systems.

Economic follow up

Of course, it’s an advantage to share economic information from MaintMaster with your ERP. Easily export the information that your finance system needs.

Local backup

Store your most important data as a local backup on your site.

How does it work?

You activate the service in MaintMaster System settings and Integration services. Set your SQL Server and database, select Selections to copy to that database and finally schedule how often the new tables should be updated.

See a video here; MaintMaster, Selection to SQL


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