MaintMaster blog - 4 December 2019

Serious reinforcements to our development team: Meet Peter Saverman, our new CTO and Klas Espenkrona our new full stack developer

Serious reinforcements to our development team: Meet Peter Saverman, our new CTO and Klas Espenkrona our new full stack developer

MaintMaster is under constant improvement. Since the first version of MaintMaster launched back in 2014, there have been a substantial amount of updates, each with the focus of becoming more flexible and making MaintMaster more adaptable to our customers.

There are new challenges in the industry, new expectations to meet and many inspiring new possibilities for software development that MaintMaster can utilize.

In order to get there, the MaintMaster development team has added some serious reinforcements!


Peter Saverman has been hired to take over the role as MaintMaster’s new CTO.

Peter has an impressive track record pushing new technologies in startups and established companies. And he has extensive experience as a software architect for cloud solutions and security certifications from working in the Azure organization at Microsoft.

One of the most important aspects when starting at a new company for Peter was being able to identify with the product and seeing a shared vision on where the product can be in the future. In order to get to know Peter a little better, we asked him a few questions about his journey towards working for MaintMaster and his first weeks with us.

“What are your first impressions after working here for the first weeks?”

“During my short time at MaintMaster, I have been focusing on getting to know the team and the product as well as learning about the expectations on myself and future plans for our software.

MaintMaster is an inspiring workplace, after getting to know my colleagues a little better, I was quite surprised by their backgrounds and their diversity. Everyone here has been doing interesting things before or during their time at MaintMaster. Their talents range from handball to DJing with everything in between and all of this diversity contributes to a more dynamic group.”

“What are you looking forward to the most in your upcoming months at MaintMaster?”

“Getting to know the team and product better. One of my first projects will be to work on restructuring the software and its hosting architecture for more scalability, so my work will affect more of the backend of MaintMaster and will perhaps not at first be very visible for the customer. In the long run, there are some interesting technologies and techniques that I am looking very much forward to integrating into MaintMaster and that I think can benefit our users.”

“What are your thoughts on Maintenance – Can you relate to the industry?”

“The maintenance industry is quite interesting. I think it flies under the radar to a lot of software developers but people are starting to understand its significance more and more. In many ways, the maintenance department works a lot like we work in software development. Sometimes it’s strictly firefighting and critical bug fixing, work that brings the rest of the development to a halt, other times we have a backlog and deal with requests to make something better and more reliable which can be seen as preventive maintenance. The philosophies are the same.”



Klas Espenkrona – Meet our new full-stack developer

In addition to our new CTO, Klas Espenkrona has started to work in development. He has a background working as a full stack developer for several big names in e-commerce, banking, automotive, shipping and other industries, mostly as an external consultant.

“How were your first weeks at MaintMaster, what have you been up to?”

“I had a very extensive introduction to the company. The introduction in my case consisted of the MaintMaster system introduction and MaintMaster as a tool courses. These courses provide an extensive overview of the functionality of MaintMaster and they were a great opportunity for me to get to know some of the customers.

After these courses, I worked with the support team as part of the standard introduction period to MaintMaster. The idea behind this is that we, as developers, not only learn about the program but also how it is being used and what kind of problems our customers might be facing. It was quite challenging for me to act as an authority on how to use MaintMaster but at the same time, I learned a lot and I had great mentoring. Thanks for that, Therese!

“Are your new colleagues treating you well?”

“Very much so!”

“What is your focus and what will you be working on?”

“At the moment, I am mostly doing my best to familiarize myself with the software and how it is structured. I’m looking at loads of code. In the future, I mainly see myself bringing MaintMaster to different devices and working on the backbone for web interfaces. Unlike working as an external consultant, I get to work with one product for a longer time and not just act as an external firefighter. I am very much looking forward to that. “


We welcome both Peter and Klas warmly to our team. With the combined brainpower of our dear new colleagues, we are confident that we will improve the rate of development of MaintMaster drastically. Stay tuned!