MaintMaster blog - 27 June 2019

Summer greetings from Support

Summer greetings from Support

4,300 – since last year’s summer greeting that’s the number we’ve increased and in total, we are 29,000!

It’s not only the users who’ve increased in the last 12 months. Here at MaintMaster Support we’re also more people working, and there will be some changes during the summer and autumn. Among other things, I will leave my role as coordinator for the support. More about me later!

Since March, two new employees have joined us on the road to a more reliable, more environmentally friendly, cost-effective and above all more controlled maintenance: Niclas Helander, Solution Manager, and Therese Carlsson, Support Coordinator.

Niclas will focus on customer care / aftermarket. He has no previous connection with maintenance systems or with MaintMaster but he’s looking forward to learning and has already learned a lot thanks to you! Therese Carlsson is taking over my role as support coordinator and she’s been a MaintMaster user for many years, so handing over to her feels safe.

Support is open all summer
During the summer, both Niclas and Therese will help you with questions and any thoughts that pop up. You might also have the chance to talk with other MaintMaster staff because, thanks to the fact that everyone at MaintMaster knows how the system and support works, we can easily share the summer between us.

Remember, you don’t need to have an actual error to call us, because we also function as your sounding board. We don’t only respond to functionality; we focus on finding out what you want to achieve. This often gives rise to interesting discussions where the solution for you can be something you haven’t considered.

Are you interested in knowing how to create a reliable organization? Here you can read more about it:

What will I do in the future?
Of course, I am staying at MaintMaster! I am going to work with our developers to facilitate releases of new versions of MaintMaster, our self-service portal & internal MaintMaster environments. I will also be responsible for (and work a lot with) our education database, which you can download and use for free for 30 days, it’s the one called Training Company.

With wishes of a lovely summer,
Erik Söderberg


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