MaintMaster blog - 4 April 2016

Swedish champions in maintenance

Swedish champions in maintenance

The Maintenance Exhibition is at the Swedish Exhibition Center in Gothenburg every second year. At the exhibition the Maintenance Engineering Association (UTEK) organize the Maintenance Champions League, which is a competition testing your knowledge about maintenance.

In year 2016, MaintMaster entered two teams in the competition. It was the team of Mikael Andersson and Björn Lindberg that ultimately won the prize. Both have experience of working with maintenance. Mikael has worked as a Maintenance Manager for over 15 years and joined us from Cloetta, where he conducted a series of successful projects that resulted in the reduction of maintenance costs. Mikael explains why MaintMaster has been unbeaten in the competition three times in a row:

Mikael, congratulations on your win! How does it feel?
It feels great. A little surprised since we had not entered before and didn’t really know what we were facing. It was the first time that Björn and I participated in the competition and we felt a little pressure as our colleagues Staffan Bergström and Tomas Eriksson had managed to win twice in a row previously.

What does the win mean to you?
A lot! It is an honor to win!

Why do you think MaintMaster has succeeded in winning three times in a row?
We have a solid background in industry and maintenance. We have been working in the industry for many years and therefore we have faced many of the issues in our daily operations. Also, we are in constant contact with many excellent customers from whom we gain a lot of knowledge.

We have two years remaining until the next competition, what will you do to recharge your batteries ahead of a fourth victory?
The key to success is to continue to gather knowledge and continuously develop ourselves in the field of maintenance!