MaintMaster blog - 13 June 2018

Timeline and maintenance planning in MaintMaster

Timeline and maintenance planning in MaintMaster

Maintenance planning is essential for making your factory run smoothly without any emergency breakdowns. The most common maintenance category is the preventive maintenace. According to the European Norm, Preventive maintenance is maintenance performed at predetermined intervals, or in line with predetermined criteria designed to reduce the probability of defects or degradation of a unit’s performance.

MaintMaster allows you to easily plan all jobs, and with recurrent jobs you create jobs for predetermined intervals. A job can be planned with resources, time, date and item/spare parts. With the help of intuitive selections, a planned job can appear in the inbox for a resource, on the planned date.

Create a timeline and you’ll get a quick and nice overview for your planned maintenance.

For this example we’ve used a Training System, but of course the function is applicable in your own system. Get in touch with our support if you want to download a system or if you need assistance.

  1. Go to selection Maintenance Overview – Planned jobs (Instandhaltung übersicht – Geplante Jobs)
  2. Click New timeline
  3. Set a suitable Name
  4. Do following settings:
    1. Group column: Start date (to make it easy to see activities to do today)
    2. Start date: Start date
    3. End date (or duration): Planned time (if there’s a planned time for the job, you’ll see it in the timeline)
    4. Text column: Caption
    5. Icon column: (no icon)
    6. Color column: Category
    7. Scale: Days

Save and close your timeline

Now you have a timeline that presents the planned maintenance. Changing the setting Group column for “Site object” will make your timeline show you the object that you’ve planned time for. Try the different settings for your timeline to form it as you want or need, in order to have a great and helpful tool for your maintenance planning.

And as always, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our great Support team if you have questions!