MaintMaster blog - 5 February 2019

Training on site

Training on site

During the working day, it can be easy to forget that maintenance is a key function in a company. Put simply, without maintenance, the fleet of machinery won’t be able to produce. For this reason, it is not unusual that key personnel find it difficult to be absent for several days at a time. MaintMaster is the maintenance system that you administer yourself, which places demands on you as the user. There are very many options and you are never locked into the program, you can change it at any time whatsoever.

We have developed a multi-step course. When you are new to MainMaster, you start by learning the basics, and then go on to develop a deeper knowledge of the functions, before you land in the application; how to implement your knowledge. In total, the course takes 5 days, split into 3 separate occasions. There is also the opportunity to go deeper into the various areas, items and purchasing, maintenance planning and maintenance management.

Apart from the basic course, System Introduction, the courses run for 2 days each, in central Linköping. The reason for this division is simple, 1) you cannot be away from the company for 5 days at a time and, 2) the brain cannot absorb this much new information, you need some time to assimilate your new knowledge. Despite that, 2 days can be considerably longer if you have a long way to travel to Linköping.

For this reason, we can come to you! Not just with a course that is solely for you and your company, we can also set up a course where we invite more customers. This means that the fantastic gains that you obtain from meeting other MaintMasters are not lost. Because, not matter how much we at MainMaster teach you, we know how valuable it is to share knowledge with one another.

This week, Lars Johansson is on site in Åmål to train a group of MaintMasters from 4 different companies.

Would you like to arrange a course near you? Contact us!