MaintMaster blog - 13 January 2020

Updates from MaintMaster

Updates from MaintMaster

MaintMaster is under constant improvement. This time, we want to announce some of the newest features that our development team has been working on.

The backbone for a new mobile app

In the latest release of MaintMaster, we have built the foundation for an all new mobile app. It will include more of the functionality that you are used to in our desktop client and will be released step-by-step over the coming year. This is the first step. Stay tuned!

Better user access and management

Complete Access: We have added a 4th user level: It’s called complete access. Now, MaintMasters can have complete access, standard access, limited access and basic access.
Manage loads of users with ease: We have added the option to sign in with Azure Active Directory. This will be great for IT departments to manage all their users.
Impersonation of users: A complete access user can impersonate other users in order to check all settings. When you impersonate someone, you will now be prompted to provide a reason. All impersonations are logged and can now be shown in a selection for better traceability.
User Invite Status: The invite status of users and the ability to re-invite them has been added to user settings.

New smooth import and export

Our new import and export functionality is server side managed. This way we can check for inconsistencies before we start the import process. The files will be first uploaded and then processed. It’s also much more explicit than before. You can also import multiple excel sheets at the same time. Easier, quicker and smoother.

Much, much more.

This is just an excerpt of all the new features and improvements. Other improvements include better regional support, more control over round jobs and improved stockroom management. See the full MaintMaster Release notes for detailed information.


You can already update your sandbox to the new version. The sandbox is for testing only. Try if everything works fine and update your production system in January.