MaintMaster blog - 4 July 2017

We have started a blog

We have started a blog

Hello and a warm welcome to our blog!

We at MaintMaster are looking to share as much of our everyday life as possible. We think it will be of great interest to you.

We will be writing the blog to compile lots of useful information, knowledge and thoughts about maintenance issues both major and minor. Everything from strategies to specific advice in everyday life. You will encounter managers, economists, system developers, trainers, strategists, project managers, sellers and all the people we meet in our working capacity to make the world of maintenance more efficient, more profitable and more sustainable. It is meetings like these that make our work both enjoyable and interesting, and it is from meetings like these that we learn incredibly much and it is these meetings that we want to share.

/Helejna Larsson, Marketing and Communication @maintmaster