MaintMaster blog - 29 October 2019

Welcome to MaintMaster, Annika Lindström!

Welcome to MaintMaster, Annika Lindström!


Our finance team is getting a new face. Annika Lindström has joined us to work as head of finance.

After getting acquainted with her new co-workers, we asked Annika what she things about working with us so far:


What’s your first impression of being new at the company?

My first impression was how engaged every single person was in making me feel like part of the ‘family’. No wonder actually with such an open and involving working climate. I have felt at home since day one. Furthermore, I was also very pleasantly surprised by the efforts to give me the best possible introduction into the company in the form of training and guidance.


You didn’t know about MaintMaster before you applied? What caught your interest?

This spring, after more or less 12 years within the same industry, I kept my eyes open for a new challenge in line with the role that in some respects resembled what I had but in a whole new industry – the software industry. An advert on Linkedin caught my eye and I applied. Later on in the process I got to meet several different people within the company and I got a really good sense of the company culture, the working environment, what we are offering and the ambitions for the future. I saw an exciting journey ahead for both the company and me!


What have you been working with before MaintMaster?

I have been working within the Staffing and Recruitment industry in various roles within Finance. I most recently came from a role as Head of Finance for the Swedish and Danish Academic Work Group.


What’s your role here? What are you looking forward to do during this autumn?

My role at MaintMaster is as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and my initial focus will be to understand what we are doing today and why or what we are not doing today but could blossom from doing. I am very much looking forward to get to know my new colleagues even more, become more familiar with the software and what we as a company contribute with. I am also looking forward to get the chance to meet more of our customers during joint training sessions within the MaintMaster system and of course I am looking forward to digging into the figures and the KPI:s.


How has your first weeks at the company been?

They have been very fun and educating with a lot of trainings within the Maintmaster software and internal meetings regarding various processes like Support, Sales and Finance. I am really eager to know and learn even more!


What are your first impressions about our Software?

I have been working in lots of various systems during my professional years and I can gladly say that this is one of the more user-friendly, but still adaptable, systems I have been working with. That we also use the system internally as our main ERP-system I would say truly demonstrates its versatility.