MaintMaster blog - 24 September 2019

Welcome to MaintMaster, David Dumont!

Welcome to MaintMaster, David Dumont!


David Dumont at MaintMaster


We have a new face in our community of MaintMasters. David Dumont has joined us in Hamburg to work on Marketing in DACH and support Swedish and international marketing activities as well. He has been with us for a little over two weeks now and is ready to share his first experiences on working at MaintMaster.

What’s your first impression of being new at the company?

Spending the first week in the Swedish office, I was so surprised and happy about the working climate. I felt welcome right away. Everybody took their time to answer my more or less educated questions and showed a lot of patience with me. One of the most remarkable moments was when I was in a marketing meeting and all of a sudden Peter Barkland (CEO and founder) came in to tell that it was time for office Yoga. I was very astonished to see that all employees (except for the ones currently in a calls with customers) participated in a 5 minute morning yoga session. That’s something that I`ve never seen happening at work before.

You didn’t know about MaintMaster before you applied? What caught your interest?

That’s right; I found MaintMaster because I was searching for jobs that have a connection to Sweden in Hamburg. That’s where MaintMaster popped up. What made me apply was the diversity of tasks and their fit to my profile and background listed in the job description. Working at MaintMaster for two weeks now has confirmed that. I feel quite utilized talking Swedish, German and English on an everyday basis and combining technical interests with my marketing and branding background.

What have you been working with before MaintMaster?

I was working for a startup brand consultancy in Hamburg. Mostly we were working with brand definition, naming and strategy projects.

  • What’s your role here? What are you looking forward to do during this autumn?

The job description had a very strong focus on marketing MaintMaster in Germany and German speaking countries. During the course of the application and introduction however, it became obvious that I’ll also be working with Swedish marketing activities. We have learned that in some companies, students assistants are given the task to select and implement CMMS systems. I am looking forward to exploring ways to include them as a target-group in our communications.

How has your first weeks at the company been?

The first two weeks have been very lively. I had an introduction to the MaintMaster Software and introductions to the marketing activities of the company in Sweden and I’ve been working on preparing a trade fair in Germany. I feel like I’m getting thrown right into it.

What are your first impressions about our Software?

What I find quite fascinating is how flexible the software can be adopted to different purposes. As we use the software also in the company for task distribution and internal communication, I am getting more and more familiar with it. The people that set up the system for internal purposes must have had quite a lot of fun with it. Sometimes I discover some goodies and jokes someone has put into our internal system. That makes it really fun to work with MaintMaster.