MaintMaster blog - 24 September 2019

Welcome to MaintMaster, Pierre Thorsson!

Welcome to MaintMaster, Pierre Thorsson!


For many years the name Pierre Thorsson has been linked with handball, and rightly so! Pierre was a member of the Swedish handball team that was known throughout the country by the name “Bengan Boys”. His CV lists 237 A team international games, 557 goals for the national team, Olympic, World Cup and European Cup medals. In addition to playing for several Swedish clubs, he also played in Germany and Italy. But did you know that he has worked as a maintenance electrician? And that since the 2nd of September he has been working at MaintMaster? We asked Pierre a few questions about his initial weeks with us.


What have your first weeks with MaintMaster been like? What have you been doing?

“It’s been great fun and pretty intensive – finding out about the company and training programmes in the MaintMaster system. I have also been working in Support and have attended lots of meetings. This has all been on the basis of an induction plan that lasts for four weeks.


Had you heard of the company before? What attracted you to MaintMaster?

“I had heard of MaintMaster, but it was only when I saw the company on LinkedIn that I googled it to see what it was. It turned out to be a maintenance system that was a competitor of the system I worked in at my previous employer. The information on the company’s website gave me an indication of MaintMaster’s structure and ideas on how maintenance can (or should) be managed and documented, and it really caught my attention. We also had plans to move back to Linköping, so I e-mailed Peter and asked whether they were looking for additional staff.”


Can you tell us a bit about your background? We know you played handball, but what happened later?

“I was born and brought up in Linköping. Top class handball took me on a journey around the world for many years. Once my career came to an end, my first job was at Tarkett AB as a maintenance electrician. My next post was at Quant Service AG, first as an electrician and then as maintenance supervisor/team leader of all technicians.”


And now you’re working at MaintMaster! What are you looking forward to being able to do during the autumn?

“It’s going to be a fascinating autumn with more induction, focusing on learning about the system through training sessions and helpful colleagues. I also have a trade fair in Stuttgart entered in my schedule – that will be a challenge!”


Thank you, Pierre! We are really pleased to have you on our team and look forward to following your progress with us!


* Pierre will be working with our training programme and as a project manager, in Sweden and Germany.