MaintMaster blog - 26 January 2018

Welcome to the family, Arvid Nordquist!

Welcome to the family, Arvid Nordquist!

Arvid Nordquist started off in 1884 as a small shop. Today they’re a Nordic sales and marketing company for its own and other brands in the areas of Coffee & Tea, Wine & Beer, Food and Non-food, having brands such as Kellogg’s, Ariel, Pringels, Tabasco, etc.


Roasting and packaging of their own coffee is what Arvid Nordquist is most famous for. The coffee manufactured in their own roastery was launched in 1962. Of course, a lot has happened since then with investments in new machines and atomization to meet the needs of the customers.


We interviewed Per Gustafsson, technical- and maintenance manager at Arvid Nordquist. In his work he’s responsible for their maintenance system –previously T7, now MaintMaster. Planning work orders, stocked items and having contact with suppliers, is also a big part of his work.


– Mainly we use MaintMaster to increase the reliability in our production. We have a plan to expand the usage to facility maintenance and incident management. We’ll see when and if it happens.


I ask him about the migration from T7 to MaintMaster, and he says:

– So far, the project has been really smooth. T7 and MaintMaster are quite similar in thought and design. To give you a fair picture of the migration we need more time to work and test everything.


MaintMaster is delivered with many functions and the system is often described as flexible. Per doesn’t have any favorite function yet, but he’s impressed by settings that makes it possible to design the system for any user, regardless their level of experience.


My last question is about the trainings. In the project he attended System Introduction, MaintMaster as a tool and Processes & workflows.


– The trainings that I attended has been very good. But to be honest, Processes and workflows felt a bit fuzzy working with all post-it notes and not the system, but it turned out really great during day two when all pieces came together.


Thank you Per Gustafsson and Arvid Nordquist for this interview, and for being MaintMasters!


/ Madelen Barkland, MaintMaster


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