MaintMaster blog - 1 June 2018

Workshop MaintMaster Inspector

Workshop MaintMaster Inspector

Safety, utility and value were at focus on yesterday’s workshop. A lot of MaintMasters were gathered at Scandic Elmia to get to know our latest product – MaintMaster Inspector.

Every year thousands and thousands are injured in work place accidents, and the sad part is that the number continues to increase. A few accidents are so severe that it results in death. Many accidents are due to risks, often without knowing how much risk it is. Common for those who’s been in an accident is that it’s never worth it. Not now, and not later.

On this topic, we talked about how to include checklist to increase the safety. Through a link in your MaintMaster-job, it’s possible to get a checklist via MaintMaster Inspector. Something the participants got to try and see.

We also talked about a SMART industry and what it means. The conclusion was that a SMART Industry is an industry were the staff are in control. To be in control is to be able to answer questions, and information is the foundation of our answers.

Information exists everywhere but for it to be useful we need to collect it. To write it down with pen and paper might work for a while, but time has shown that it’s hard to get an overview and the decision support you need.
One of the major benefit with saving information in the same place, is the time you can save by knowing were to search.

A person searching for 45 minutes each day spends about 190 hours each year (based on 253 workdays).
Translated to money, if 1 hour is worth 50 EUR, that’s 9 500 EUR/year.
What would the cost be for 10, or 100 persons…?

To value an investment isn’t easy but with ROI calculation you get a good start. Just imagine what your staff could do if they get 45 minutes extra. And yourself, what would you do?

Right information at the right time = Control that creates security, utility and value.

Do you want to know more about MaintMaster Inspector? Keep an eye on our webpage, social medias and newsletter. We might set up a new workshop! Don’t have the time to wait? Contact us! 🙂

/ Madelen Barkland