MaintMaster blog - 23 May 2019

Welcome Zapp Precision Metals in Sandviken

Welcome Zapp Precision Metals in Sandviken

In the summer of 2018, Sandvik Stainless Wire in Sandviken was acquired by Zapp Precisions Metals and, in connection with this, a new maintenance system was procured. The plant in Sandviken is a leading, global manufacturer of stainless-steel wire products that are used for advanced applications with the focus on the medical, automotive, clock and energy industries.

Anders Ahtinen works as a maintenance engineer at Zapp in Sandviken and was involved in the MaintMaster project. Working together with a project manager from MaintMaster, the data from Maximo, the maintenance system that was used at Sandvik, was imported to MaintMaster. As soon as their machines had been imported, the maintenance department started using MaintMaster and it’s been in use since January 2019.

Anders Ahtinen says;
– We’re having internal training for operators, where we introduce them to Maintmaster. Afterwards, they receive an invitation and can immediately start working. The simplicity in creating fault reports with help of clickable images and links, is a much appreciated function. To make it even easier for them, we’ve placed barcodes on our machines, so they can easily scan the code to find the machine.

Congratulations to Zapp Precision Metal’s in Sandviken for choosing MaintMaster. We look forward to following your journey!