Get started with MaintMaster

We are convinced that systems that are easy to use are systems that get used, and they create benefits and control for our customers. This forms the basics of everything we do in our development of MaintMaster. Although MaintMaster is an extremely powerful maintenance system, it is easy to get started with the basic features. Taking your initial step to create benefits from the outset is neither difficult nor complicated. All you have to do is follow these seven steps to get started. It couldn’t be any easier!

Create a system

To get started with MaintMaster you need an invite.
Get an invite!

Once you have your invite you’ll get an email with instructions. From that email you need to choose language, name and currency for your system. In this video we show you how it’s done.

Sign in

Once you have an invite and you’ve created your system and account, you’re ready to login to MaintMaster.

Of course you also need to download the program.
If you haven’t done it yet, find the files here.


1. Get started!

First step is to enter your machines/objects in MaintMaster to create your asset register. You will find all your objects in the Site Explorer. With the picture navigation it will be very intuitive and easy to report on your machines.
The film shows you how to create a machine - it's very easy!

Read more to find out how to create your picture navigation, how to customize your machine cards and a lot more. A good step at this point is to check out our E-learning "System Introduction" where you will learn the basics of MaintMaster.

E-learning "System Introduction"

Learn more

2. Go live! Time to start work!

The easiest way to start working with MaintMaster is to simply report what has been done at your machines. The more you report the better.
By using priority and completion codes, you are adding valuable data that you later can use for improvements.
Reporting jobs in MaintMaster is very quick. Check out the film to see how to.

Of course you can report on the fly with our mobile app!
In learn more you can see how, and also read more about priority and completion codes.

Learn more

3. Invite more people to work!

Togheter is good! So now it´s time to invite your colleagues. The more data you can collect in MaintMaster the more value you are gathering. Start with your key users, your maintenance crew, mechanics and technicians. Once they start to report all they are doing you will get more and more data that will be very useful in the following steps. As you already know it is quick and easy to report. Now check out how to invite a colleague!

Now is also a good time to get familiar with some of the preconfigured statistics selections, in read more we show you how to use them.

Learn more

4. Step 4, Preventive jobs

It is well known that a corrective job is (in best case) 3 times more expensive than a preventive job. In some businesses, it is way more. To prevent bad things from happening is therefore a very profitable activity. Of course, there's also a lot of regulatory requirements for preventive maintenance and inspections. In this section you will learn how to create preventive maintenance and recurring jobs.

At this step it´s also time to take the next level of training, check out the E-learning MaintMaster as a tool.

Learn more

5. Order job, a fault report

As you already know, it is very important to collect data from all that happens at your site. A lot of companies only keep logs of the major failures. Our experience is that major failures only treats up to 20% of the total downtime, the rest is small stops. So if you don’t have the data from the other 80% you can imagine it is hard to take the right decisions. The goal with this step is to make it easy for you and your colleagues to collect the missing 80%.

To do this, we need a simple and quick way to order jobs or make a fault report. The good news is, in MaintMaster you can do it in less than a minute. Check out the film if you don´t believe us.

Learn more

6. Spare parts!

To have your spare parts in MaintMaster is good for many reasons,

- To keep track of costs
- To optimize your stockroom
- To make sure you have the right spare part when you need it

In this section you will learn how to create your spare parts in MaintMaster.
You will also learn how to structure your stockroom and how to manage purchase and suppliers.

Let´s start with adding some spare parts!

Learn more

7. Time to dig for gold - statistics and analyze!

Now it´s time for payoff. In this step we show how to use powerful statistics in MaintMaster. You will learn how to create your own reports and KPI:s.
In MaintMaster the possibilities of this is outstanding. At any moment you can quickly create the report your management is asking for, or the report you need to prove that the feeling you have not only is a feeling but a fact.

There are several preconfigured statistic selections. Check out the video to see how to use them.

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