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Maintenance excellence

IFS 7.0 - Maintenance software a key component

The new IFS 7.0 – the deadline is approaching rapidly, and maintenance is an important topic.

It will come into effect on 1st July 2021. The new IFS Directive 7.0 also includes requirements for maintenance. Among other things, the following points are specified:

A documented maintenance plan covering all production-relevant equipment. This is valid for internal maintenance activities as well as maintenance work carried out by external partners.

MaintMaster is perfectly suited to create and comprehensively document complex maintenance plans for your machinery based on calendar or machine-specific intervals.

During maintenance activities, it must be ensured that no food contamination can occur. This must be documented.

Similar to occupational safety, MaintMaster can be configured to require certain criteria to be met before a repair or maintenance can be performed. Contamination-related properties can be defined as criteria accordingly.

All materials required for repairs do not pose a contamination risk. You can define criteria independently that must be met before the repair or maintenance.

Failures and faults of systems (relevant to food safety) are documented, evaluated, and used to improve corrective maintenance.

Using completion codes and specific data fields, statistics for all safety-critical systems can be generated at any time. These, for example, show the most error-prone systems.

Short-term repairs are documented and do not compromise food safety. A (short) deadline is set for the final elimination of the fault.

With our "follow-up job" function with deadlines, you can ensure that provisional measures do not become permanent.

Contracts with external service providers must exist to ensure compliance with all IFS-relevant guidelines. External service providers can be contractually obligated to use MaintMaster and comply with all requirements contained therein for your systems. Alternatively, you can simply assign valid certifications to your suppliers in MaintMaster, which will be automatically presented to you upon expiration.

According to the new IFS Food version, inspections, adjustments, and calibrations must be meticulously documented. With MaintMasters CMMS, all jobs are archived upon completion.

Who did what, when, why, and at which system – Once the task has been completed, the information contained in it is revision-proof.

This means that the responsibilities of completed measures can be traced at any time without anything being deleted or altered in this process.

With the new directive, unannounced audits can take place more frequently, among other things. The beauty is: If you are already a MaintMaster customer, it is easy to configure your MaintMaster system for the new standard.

If you are not yet a MaintMaster customer, we will pay attention to IFS compliance together with you during the implementation phase.

Finally, all critical systems, tasks such as cleaning and calibrations, can already be documented seamlessly. The extremely robust MaintMaster user rights and roles concept ensures that data cannot be manipulated after the completion of a job.

The corresponding compliance with maintenance cycles, the responsibility for the individual activities, all of this is securely digitally documented. Thanks to the database-supported documentation, the data requested by the auditor can be easily accessed at any time with the click of a button and from a central location.


Use MaintMaster maintenance software to simplify planning, accelerate jobs, and track the nuts and bolts that make your machines go round – and with no-code configuration, the CMMS is (actually) easy to make yours.

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