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Maintenance Key Performance Indicators 2023

2023 is already a few weeks behind us, so it is a good time to review the most important maintenance KPI’s for 2021.  In maintenance we are all driven by KPI’s, the evaluations must always be faster and more accurate. With the help of our tried and tested standard software MaintMaster many  of our customers were able to cope with the rising tide of ever new KPI’s with just one click for that first glance.   In the following article we will address the most frequent inquiries from our customers, but also inquiries from interested parties and trade fair visitors. Of course, every company has individual needs for KPI’s, but we are sure that you will also find yourself at one point or another using following TOP 5  maintenance KPI’s.

ITEM 1: Completed vs Open workorders

This KPI enjoys great popularity. The reason? It can be created quickly and already gives a first insight into the performance or utilization  of the maintenance team. Of course, we recommend taking a closer look. Why? What is the proportion of large workorders? Are the completed jobs simple routine PPM maintenance that runs alongside day-to-day business or  do they highlight extraordinary  downtimes? A detailed analysis of the workorders is an advantage in this place.

ITEM 2: Unused material

With  this  metric,  you can realize quick positive cost savings.  Which Spares and suppliers are used in your stockroom? Is the machine that requires the spare part still in use? Do we  still need the spare part at all?  By identifying dead capital, you can permanently reduce the costs of your maintenance in the simplest way, and then start looking in finer detail at aspects like lead time.

ITEM 3:  Maintenance costs vs. new acquisition

MaintMasters maintenance software supports you in tracking all costs incurred. Material, personnel, external companies, downtime costs, etc. Due to the possibility of also recording the purchase value of a machine, this KPI is one of the most popular and insightful indicators.


ITEM 4:  Technical system availability

Production is encouraged to maintain as constant production as possible.   Accordingly, plant availability is their most important asset. For the technical system availability, there is a business KPI for determining this. The formula is  MTBF/(MTBF+MTTR)  = technical system availability in %
–  MTBF  (MTBF – Mean Time Between Failures) Average time between failures
–  MTTR (MTTR – Mean Time To Repair) Average time for repair.  These KPI’s, which are best known for maintenance, have increasingly come into focus in recent years thanks to a wide variety of regulations. Of course, you can also determine these with MaintMaster & initiate your maintenance measures whilst also making the auditor happy.

TOP 5: OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness

This very complex KPI is gaining in importance with more and more MaintMaster customers and interested parties due to the increasing  pressure  towards TPM (Total Productive Maintenance). However, we are convinced that maintenance can burn its fingers on this key figure and may not necessarily focus on it.

The  OEE is a KPI that consists  of a large number of  individual  factors. These factors include, among other things, the technical availability of the machine. In addition,  the  OEE is also influenced by the right workforce availability in production and logistics.  This is because a machine is very likely to come to a standstill if no one is operating it, or the production material is missing. Nevertheless, maintenance often has to take on the responsibility of investigating machine stops that  do not have a technical  background.

In many cases maintenance  is unfortunately taken into the main responsibility for the OEE,  simply on the basis of their technical knowledge. As a result, maintenance must prioritize tasks that are neither technical nor commensurate with their competence and also deduct resources from other planned maintenance tasks.  MaintMaster will also be happy to advise you here in order to make your contribution to OEE. One building block  can  be our IoT sensors.

Which KPI’s do you see as highly prioritised in 2023? We look forward to your answer!

What are the next steps for determining KPI’s in your maintenance department?

If you are already a MaintMaster customer, the next step is extremely simple: contact us and our support team will support you in creating the Key Performance Indicators.

If you are not yet a MaintMaster customer, contact us and we will support you in setting up the MaintMaster maintenance software and creating the key figures that are important to you


For more information see Maintenance Key Performance Indicators

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