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MaintMaster Academy

No matter where you are in your journey to achieve world-class maintenance, we are here with support from the people who know the MaintMaster system best. We have a number of pre-defined training concepts where we help you and your team get up and running in the best possible way. And of course, if you have other needs, we are sure that we can help you with that as well.

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With the knowledge of MaintMaster's training, I've got a deep insight into the system. The material from the training was perfect to use when I got home in order to create different selections (lists) and charts. My favourite feature is the ability to design your own startpage!

Jesper Andersson, Weber Saint Gobain

We upgraded from T7 to MaintMaster. Besides getting to know a lot about useful functions and settings in MaintMaster, I've also got a mind opener for our way of working

Thomas Olsson, Plastal Sverige AB

By letting it go a few weeks between the different trainings, I got the opportunity to reflect and to use the new knowledge that I got.

Pierre Axelsson, Hultafors AB

Our training courses have successfully trained thousands of maintenance professionals over the years.

  • 85 People who give an 8 or higher in training feedback
  • 90 MaintMaster that say they is's easier to use the system after training
  • 92 Recommend people to attend more than one course


We have a strong belief in our users. We know that maintenance is essential for safety, sustainability and productivity in the industry. Our users want to be in control over their tools to reach their full potential. Everything we do at MaintMaster is hand in hand with our beliefs.

And our training is not an exception. Your journey with MaintMaster is about getting the knowledge you need to reach new levels. Implementing a maintenance system can cause questions and, in some cases uncertainty. With our training, we help you in all steps, from being new in MaintMaster to getting the tool in full control.

After you’ve participated in our training, you will be able to adjust MaintMaster to your way of working and to change the system if needed. You will also be safe in knowing that you’re not only handling all normal tasks and activities but also situations that you might not be able to affect.

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact us!


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