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NEVS, National Electric Vehicle Sweden

Everyone working with maintenance has a copy to support their daily work. It ensures we work in a structured way.
Göran Högberg

Building on its heritage of innovation from the SAAB automobile company, NEVS is determined to create mobility solutions for a more sustainable future.

At the NEVS factory in Trollhättan, Sweden, there is currently a hive of activity surrounding the development of electric vehicles and mobile solutions. In addition to the site in Trollhättan, they also have an office in Tianjin, China, where they are building an completely new factory. Several projects are in progress at the same time, but the focus is on developing an electric car based on the SAAB 9-3 for the Chinese market and its partner, Panda New Energy. Apart from the projects, NEVS is working on developing new models of electric car for a wider target group, focusing on the European market. In addition, the development of mobile solutions is underway since this is a key component of the business strategy.

People involved in maintenance

900 people in total are employed in Sweden, of which 80 work with maintenance. According to Göran Högberg, Maintenance Manager at NEVS, there are no major differences in the work now compared to previously, when there was full production of cars in Trollhättan:

– We haven’t seen any major changes to our methods since we got Chinese owners. Just as before, we work according to international standards.

At NEVS, they see the maintenance work as an integral part of the company. The management is both interested in the outcome of the work and is also heavily involved in the way of working:

– Any lack of maintenance directly affects the production, causing significant shortage of income for the company.

Focus on modern maintenance

NEVS has expended much time and energy improving its maintenance work over the past year. The aim has been to create a modern, mobile and sustainable approach that is tailored to suit today’s business. This is a precondition for growing at the same rate as the company.

– Pretty soon, we will start to use MaintMasters maintenance software mobile application as a part of our daily work to avoid printed work orders and to simplify the documentation for our mechanics. To maximize the usage, we will also send our key staff on training courses at MaintMaster Academy.

Maintenance manual at NEVS

Göran Högberg works at the facility maintenance and test equipment department at NEVS. The goal there is, to maintain the facility in a satisfactory condition and to ensure that they can maximize the production. One of their solutions was to develop their own maintenance manual. A maintenance manual that clearly explains how to conduct, perform and sustain their maintenance.

In order to develop the maintenance manual, they made huge efforts to bring a higher level of structure to MaintMaster.

During the project they:

  • Inactivated old machines and jobs connected to them
  • Established connections between spare parts and machines
  • Rescheduled inspection, rounds and other preventive maintenance tasks
  • Updated documentation

Göran Högberg explains the importance of their manual,
– Everyone working with maintenance has a copy to support their daily work. This also includes key individuals in the management team. All of this to ensure that we work in a structured manner and according to standard.


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Who: National Electric Vehicle Sweden
Emplyoyees: 900 people
Maintenance employees: 80 people
Favorite functions: Mobile Maintenance, Smart Shortcuts and Analysis and Reporting

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