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MaintMaster Maintenance Manual

The principal goal of a maintenance organisation is always to improve operational reliability. 

The core is to have a good strategy. In this manual, we have created an easy-to-use and follow manual with clear guidance on how to follow it.

By the way, do you know that MaintMaster is the only  CMMS solution built on the  EN Maintenance & ISO 55000 Standard? 

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Maintenance Vision, Strategy & Policy

This chapter provides an example of how to develop a strong maintenance vision, clear strategy and policy.

Maintenance Standards

The following maintenance-related standards specify general terminology and definitions

Preventive Maintenance

An effective preventive maintenance ensures improved availability and brings down maintenance costs.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance helps ensure that equipment is operating at optimal levels to run any business or organisation smoothly.

Improvement Maintenance

Improvement maintenance’s aim is identifying and implementing improvement action on equipment.


The maintenance organisation is often responsible for completing modification tasks.

Maintenance Organisation

It is important for all organisations to carefully consider their maintenance strategy.

Maintenance Account Plan

A Maintenance Account Plan is a comprehensive tool used to manage maintenance activities.

Maintenance Goals & KPIs

Maintenance should always be to improve operational reliability and measure it through numerical values.

MaintMaster Implementation CMMS

Learn how to implement a CMMS into your organisation according to maintenance standard.

Maintenance Planning & Preparation

Planning and preparing help ensure minimising downtime and maximising the benefits.

LEAN Maintenance

In the context of maintenance, LEAN principles can be used to streamline processes and improve efficiency. 

Spare Parts Management

An effective spare parts management is essential for inventory and improved availability.

Systematic Health Safety Management

Systematic health and safety management is the process to prevent accidents and injuries in the maintenance workplace.

Create your own Maintenance Manual

We can offer customization with the assistance from MaintMaster to create your own manual.

16. Learn the basics of a CMMS

Gain insight into the functions and advantages of a CMMS, a tool that assist teams in planning, organizing, and tracking.

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