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MaintMaster fits perfectly into Cornish Lithium's growth plans

"With MaintMaster, you don't have to use any preloaded system or structure. "It's a blank canvas for you to adapt to how you want to use it."

- Daniel Vincent, Maintenance Planner

Daniel Vincent, the Maintenance Planner for the Lithium in Geothermal Waters division of Cornish Lithium, faced a unique challenge in the scenic landscapes of Cornwall, South West England. Tasked with orchestrating the maintenance operations for an innovative company harnessing lithium from geothermal waters and granite micah, Daniel needed a maintenance software solution that could keep up with their dynamic endeavours.

After years of working with various maintenance software, Daniel discovered MaintMaster, a versatile and adaptable solution that seemed tailor-made for Cornish Lithium's diverse needs. From the outset, Daniel and his team were impressed by MaintMaster's intuitive interface and excellent support.

"We've added all of our assets onto the system from both divisions of Cornish Lithium," Daniel explains. "And this is only set to grow and expand as we continue to innovate."

One of the standout features of MaintMaster for Daniel was its flexibility. Unlike other maintenance software, MaintMaster didn't impose rigid templates or structures. Instead, it allowed users to input data and customise the system to their specific requirements.

"With MaintMaster, you don't have to use any preloaded system or structure," Daniel emphasises. "It's a blank canvas for you to adapt to how you want to use it."

This adaptability proved valuable as Cornish Lithium prepared to onboard a wave of new staff. With MaintMaster, Daniel could easily tailor the system to suit each team member's role and responsibilities, streamlining the training process and ensuring everyone was equipped to handle their tasks efficiently.

"We can start scheduling work and maintenance functions seamlessly," Daniel says. "And the system constructs itself around what you input into it, allowing us to customise the level of detail depending on our goals."

From organising jobs to managing staff, MaintMaster empowered Daniel and his team to take control of their maintenance operations. Whether tracking assets, scheduling maintenance tasks, or analysing performance data, MaintMaster provided the flexibility and functionality they needed to succeed.

"The greatest strength of MaintMaster is its adaptability," Daniel concludes. "It's not just a maintenance software; it's a powerful tool that evolves with us as we continue to push the boundaries of mineral exploration and extraction."


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