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MaintMaster has been the preferred choice for many companies looking to digitalize their maintenance operations. Our customers come from various industries and they all found success with MaintMaster's user-friendly interface, real-time data, and mobile capabilities.

Latest customer stories


BEWITAL's path to modern and efficient operating processes, even outside of maintenance

Optimise maintenance and collaboration at Bewital with MaintMaster. User-friendl...
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Baosteel & MaintMaster: Digital Transformation in Maintenance

From paper chaos to digital efficiency: Baosteel's journey with MaintMaster

From paper to efficiency: Follow Baosteel's digital transformation with MaintMas...
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Glas Trösch - Transparency & Increased Efficiency in Maintenance

Glas Trösch, a leading glass manufacturer, shares how they optimised their maint...
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wilkingson sword digitalize maintenance

Wilkinson Sword focuses on digital transformation

Discover how MaintMaster streamlined operations and helped Wilinson Sword with t...
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Inchdairnie Distillery’s journey to maintenance excellence

Inchdairnie Distillery is renowned for its technologically advanced and energy-e...
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Snellman - a long time MaintMaster customer

Snellman produce various meat products, from ground meat and steaks to sausages ...
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BRUGG Lifting steps into the future with MaintMaster

BRUGG Lifting is facing complex external requirements and internal challenges, t...
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Starsprings Poznan chooses MaintMaster

Learn how Starsprings Poznan, and the team use MaintMaster on a daily basis to improve their maintenance processes and i...
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Rosti goes MaintMaster

Learn about the Rosti´s focus on continuous improvement and advanced technology to deliver the best results for their cu...
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Emballator Mellerud - Easy to see upcoming activities

Emballator utilizing MaintMaster for upcoming activities, fault reporting and pr...
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Anza, Orkla House Care, Organized a maintenance department from scratch

Anza Underwent restructuring of its maintenance department and within six months...
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Byggelit – Eight years with MaintMaster

The simplicity and picture navigation is highly appreciated by the users. MaintMaster has helped Byggelit reducing the t...
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SIA Glass - sweden's oldest ice cream maker chooses MaintMaster

SIA Glass is a ice cream maker that values employee growth and advancement thats...
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Why Cloetta chose MaintMaster

With MaintMaster Cloetta maintenance costs have decreased by 25% while production volume has increased by the same amoun...
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Bedgrow joins the future of maintenance with MaintMaster

Bedgrow recognized the need for innovation in maintenance management to stay com...
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Simonswerk - When Maintenance teams exceeds expectations

Maintenance teams at Simonswerk exceeded expectation when they started to use Ma...
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Bahco - SNA Europe Industries AB

Bahco uses MaintMaster CMMS, a powerful software that allows for task registration, assignment of responsibilities, and ...
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ST1 ensuring process safety and traceability

Digitalizing verification for various product types led us to use MaintMaster fo...
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Ragn-Sells on extracting statistics with MaintMaster

Leading company in recycling and environment chooses MaintMaster to be able to e...
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Kraftringen - Digitized handling of work certificates saves time

Kraftringen Digitized handling of their maintenance department and improved the ...
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FordonsGas gets full control over their maintenance

FordonGas sweden chosses MaintMaster to get full control over ther maintenance d...
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Lantmännen Aspen saving time and create traceability

Aspen is choosing Maintmaster to save time in their maintenance team but also cr...
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Helping Svensk Plaståtervinning rid Sweden of harmful plastic

Svensk Plaståtervinning says goodbye to disorganized maintenance management with...
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Thule Group migrates to MaintMaster

Thule Group Successfuyl migrates to MaintMaster, where they transitioned from their previous maintenance system to Maint...
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NEVS – National Electric Vehicle Sweden

NEVS is using MaintMaster CMMS for creating a modern working environment for the maintenance department. Every person is...
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BorgWarner chooses MaintMaster

BorgWarner is a dedicated MaintMaster user for several years, they have improved efficiency and performance of their mai...
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Automotive Components Floby Ab - Integrate MaintMaster

Automotive Components Floby, is a manufacture for the automotive industry and ha...
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Swedish Sea Rescue Society saves life with MaintMaster

Swedish Sea Rescue Society chooses MaintMaster. Reliability is of paramount impo...
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Swede Ship goes digital with MaintMaster

Customer story on how Swedeship goes digital with MaintMaster CMMS. This is a true customer success story on how you ach...
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MaintMaster at Gränges Americans INC

Customer story on how Gränges Americas INC chose MaintMaster as their CMMS and how they benifits from the system
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Ahlstrom-Munksjö  - “Saftey, reliability and overall efficiency"

Customer story on how Ahlstrom-Munksjö chose MaintMaster as their CMMS and how M...
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