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Baosteel's journey to digital efficiency

What I like about MaintMaster is that we can customise the layout of the interface so that Maintenance sees one thing and production sees another.

Kalle Larsson

Going from paper to digital

Baosteel Tailored Blanks in Olofström was facing challenges related to the manual paper handling of work orders and rosters. Mechanics and operators were using traditional methods to report and track work, leading to inefficiencies and increased paper usage. There was also a need for increased collaboration between different departments and a request from production to integrate to-do lists into the system.


One computer per line - that´s how Baosteel got the operators to report 

Baosteel Olofström implemented MaintMaster to address its challenges. By introducing computers to each production line and involving operators in digital reporting, the company reduced its reliance on paper documentation.

With MaintMaster, Baosteel can customise interfaces for different departments, creating a single platform for collaboration between maintenance and production. With a 'super user' able to introduce specific features such as 'to-do lists' for production, where tasks can be easily created and managed digitally, work is rapidly moving to digital.


Increased efficiency with MaintMaster

Digital transformation with MaintMaster led to significant improvements. Baosteel significantly reduced its paper consumption and increased efficiency by replacing manual processes with digital ones. Production was easily integrated with maintenance processes, and personalised interfaces enabled optimised collaboration between departments.


There's more to do with MaintMaster

MaintMaster's adaptability and support has become a prominent factor in the company's day-to-day operations. Future plans include developing the system further to include inspections and approvals for various processes, a step forward in the company's quest for continuous improvement and digital innovation.


Who: Baosteel Tailored Blanks Sweden AB
Industry: Manufacturing
Employees: 65 people
Favorite functions: Smart Shortcuts 

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