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We have decided to change the maintenance industry. In a time that is characterized by efficiency, it is essential with a maintenance system that can handle any given situation. That is why we have developed MaintMaster. A manageable system that adapts to your needs. The user-friendly interface provides clear guidance and minimizes the start-up process. Become a part of MaintMaster today – the intelligent maintenance system.

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“Thanks to MaintMaster we have control over maintenance and can thereby enhance our operational safety.

Kenneth Johansson,

Maintenance ManagerMunksjö Paper AB

Discover the benefits of MaintMaster

Tomorrow’s maintenance system will make your work easier and more efficient. MaintMaster offers unparalleled flexibility and a customer-friendly system combined with optimal functionality. United with an interface that allows for customized solutions.

MM_adapt  Adapts to you, not the other way around.

MM_manage    Manages all your assets efficiently.

MM_surprise    Prevents potential damage.

MM_link   A link between maintenance and operations.

MM_scalable   Scalable and dependable.

MM_prize   User-friendly, reliable and affordable.

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In a crisis we need reliable boats

Marie Louise DahlbergDepartment of Technology, SSRS

“We use MaintMasters’ maintenance system as a hub for our operational safety, our volunteers regularly check the boats and records what needs do be redressed.”

In case of alarm, the Swedish Sea Rescue Societys volunteers are set to depart within 15 minutes, at any time, in any weather – 24 hours a day.


Thanks to MaintMasters’ flexibility and high level of user-friendliness, it is easy to apply the system in various types of businesses, regardless of industry. Click to see a selection of industries that use MaintMaster in their daily operations;

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