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Inchdairnie Distillery’s journey to maintenance excellence with MaintMaster

An easy-to-use and customisable solution that exceeded expectations

Inchdairnie Distillery is an innovative Lowland Scotch Whisky distillery located in Glenrothes, Scotland. The distillery is renowned for its technologically advanced and energy-efficient processes that focus on maximising flavour.

Efficiency and compliance: Finding the right solution

The distillery’s management and maintenance team were faced with the challenge of how to manage and maintain their advanced technology and energy-efficient processes, while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. They needed a maintenance management solution that could streamline operations, increase efficiency and provide real-time insight into equipment performance. However, finding a solution that could meet their requirements and comply with industry standards and regulations was a daunting task. They tried several solutions, but none of the standard systems could meet their specific requirements.

During the kick off phase of the project the distillery management team and the maintenance consultant explored various CMMS/EAM systems but for various reasons, including cost, complexity and slow support time it was decided that MaintMaster ticked the most boxes while enabling a swift roll out.


MaintMaster: Streamline maintenance operations and ensure compliance

Then came MaintMaster maintenance software, which met all of the distillery’s requirements, offering a route to maintenance excellence with a solution that was fully compliant with the EN Maintenance Standard (as endorsed by the British Standards Institute) and PAS55. The system was easy to use and could be accessed on a variety of devices without the need for a separate licence. This allowed easy access to the system for all necessary personnel, regardless of location or device preference.

The system could be easily configured and tailored to the specific needs of different users or groups of users, streamlining their workflow and increasing efficiency. Shortcut login options were also provided to make it even easier for users to quickly access the system and get the information they need.

Despite its ease of use, the system still provided powerful and flexible tools for advanced users to take full advantage of the system’s capabilities, further streamlining their workflow and increasing efficiency.

Maintenance Consultant at Inchdairnie Distillery, Kevin Young, comments

“MaintMaster gives you a really easy to use maintenance tool without the cost and expertise required while managing other CMMS/EAM solutions. The total cost of ownership is a real win for us as you don’t need to be a SQL guru to get what you need into and out of the system. It is simple. The support has also been excellent and was certainly a factor in choosing MaintMaster.”

He also notes

“The ability to customise and add fields is a game changer and allows us to work the way we want to work and enables evolution when the users become comfortable with the system. No more banging your head against the desk wondering what fields need to be filled in Maximo or SAP to complete a work order. These added fields can then be used to create KPIs and reports that are relevant to what we do.”


Inchdairnie Distillery’s experience with MaintMaster demonstrates the software’s effectiveness in meeting the needs of distilleries and other similar industries. The software’s user-friendly interface, customisable options and cost effectiveness made it the first choice for the distillery’s maintenance department. With MaintMaster, Inchdairnie Distillery has been able to streamline operations, increase efficiency and improve the overall performance of the plant.


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