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MaintMaster Roll-out

Onboarding services

At MaintMaster, we know maintenance.  Almost all our project managers have worked several years as maintenance or production managers before joining the MaintMaster team. So they have a deep understanding of the challenges out there.

💁Implement MaintMaster with us

We have delivered over 500 successful customer projects around the world. This experience has evolved over the years into our 'all you need' project packages.

Choose from small, medium or large, depending on your current situation and ambitions. The packages include everything you need to get your system and organisation up and running.

Your key users will also learn how to improve your system over time, extend its use to different areas and adapt it to new conditions. Over time, there will be no need for consultants.



Former Maintenance Managers will help you in this process to make sure that your implementation of MaintMaster will be a success. 

Implement MaintMaster in seven steps

At MaintMaster, we believe that maintenance can make a difference in productivity, sustainability and safety. To realise these opportunities, we want you to be in control of your tool and therefore your business.

Our implementation projects are all about putting you in control of your maintenance system.

For this, we use seven steps of “training the trainer”, and you are up and running already after step one.


Project activity overview

Training (project team)
  • Standard introduction: In a meeting, we introduce you to standard EN – 13306 and the standard configuration of your new system
  • System introduction: Our introduction training, where you are briefly introduced to most functionality within MaintMaster in one day
  • MaintMaster as a tool​: A deeper training and review of most functionality within MaintMaster, stretching over 2 days. 
  • ​We guide and assist you in establishing a base foundation of objects and users ​to make your system usable to start reporting
Preventive maintenance
  • Explanation of recurring jobs and how to create them​
  •  We explain how to set up and manage interval settings​
  •  How to handle and create recurring job(s)
  • Review of how to create spare part​s
  • How to link spare parts to objects, jobs and suppliers​
  • Explanation of Purchase Order handling
Work order process
  • Explanation and review of the Workflow Process​
  • Standard MaintMaster configuration
  • Introduction in how to create persons and companies ​
  • How to handle roles and permissions ​
  • Start inviting users​
Training (maintenance team)
  • End User Training​



Implementation project overview




This is what you get

check_circle_icon_tealDedicated Project Manager

When ordering an implementation project from MaintMaster, you get a dedicated project manager who will be your guide through all seven steps. 


check_circle_icon_tealTraining sessions

It all starts with booking your training sessions. Typically, there's a new training session every other week, followed by a project meeting, either on-site or via web meeting. Small and medium implementation projects include training for two dedicated people, while large projects include two seats per training session for one year (from the first training).

check_circle_icon_tealTrain the trainer

We recommend that your local implementation team consist of at least two people. In addition to training and project meetings, your team should expect to spend about 10% of their time on the first part of the project (up to step 4).



MaintMaster Academy

With MaintMaster's Academy, we make sure that all the training you need is available when you need it, in person or online.

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