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JCS Hi-Torque's journey towards maintenance excellence

"A system that makes it easy for us to report on issues and execute accurate work orders swiftly."

JCS Hi-Torque is a manufacturing company with deep roots tracing its origins back to 1768. They specialise in crafting high-performance worm drive hose clips for vital industries like pharmaceuticals, marine, aviation, petrochemicals, and food production. 

But lacking a maintenance system, JCS Hi-Torque joined forces with MaintMaster and their dedicated project manager, Mikael Andersson, to take their maintenance to the next level.

Hard manual maintenance

Manual maintenance is hard. Like many other companies realising the fact, JCS Hi-Torque felt the challenges in many of their old maintenance processes. Overseeing maintenance tasks was hard because it heavily relied on manual reporting.

Understanding the root causes of machine failures was another challenge. There was no easy way to find the right information to diagnose machines. That, plus problems tracking spare parts expenses and refining their maintenance strategy, were major signs it was time to implement a new, modern maintenance system to take JCS Hi-Torque into the future.

Finally, a system (CMMS)

Jack Moye, maintenance engineer at JCS Hi-Torque, contacted MaintMaster and connected with Mikael Andersson, one of MaintMaster’s project managers. They had heard great things about MaintMaster CMMS but needed help implementing a quick and seamless maintenance system.

The project started from scratch because there was no previous maintenance system in place. Most of the work was translating manual processes into the system and finding digital replacements for processes that needed higher efficiency.

Mikael says, "The project started as usual with an introduction of maintenance standards and system structure, and they found it convenient to adhere to a standard format." He adds, "The entire project was run online and went completely according to plan. There were really no problems at all."

Ultimately, they finished the implementation with seven users, five technicians, and two supervisors. So far, they have completed over 715 maintenance jobs. Jack is very happy with the change and said he had a great project with Mikael Andersson of MaintMaster.

Refining maintenance excellence

Jack is very pleased after using the system for a while, especially with MaintMaster’s user-friendliness. In his words, the system made it easy for JCS Hi-Torque to report on issues and execute accurate work orders swiftly. 

He says, “The intuitive report guide empowers our maintenance team to capture essential data efficiently, which has led to a substantial reduction in downtime, ensuring that maintenance tasks are executed expeditiously.” It also helped them work with structured maintenance frameworks.

Jack is also happy about the data they can now capture and how it equips them with the insights to make informed decisions. But also “…including a careful comparison of spare parts costs across machinery, identification of machinery prone to extended downtime, and a deep dive into completion codes for work.”


Implementing MaintMaster CMMS shifted JCS Hi-Torque’s maintenance operations from outdated and manual to modern and effective. They also make more well-informed decisions based on the accurate data points in MaintMaster. 

The holistic view of MaintMaster also helps JCS Hi-Torque find areas needing replacements, discern instances of operator misuse and find failing mechanisms. Armed with such insights, they can continuously refine their daily maintenance processes for peak efficiency.

With Jack Moye at the forefront of maintenance operations and the continuous support from MaintMaster’s experts, JCS Hi-Torque’s journey towards maintenance excellence continues. Their decision to take maintenance into the future is a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering world-class products to critical industries all around the globe.


Who: JCS Hi-Torque
Favourite feature: Reports and analytics

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