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Lantmännen Aspen saving time and create traceability

We needed traceability and MaintMaster is a tool that makes lightning fast searches possible for anything that has to do with a job.

Henrik Magnusson

Aspen has a trailblazing product. Aspen alkylate petrol is 99 per cent cleaner than conventional petrol. It’s kinder to people, machines and the environment. In other words, it’s the fuel for people who care.

The transition to MaintMaster was motivated by a need for traceable documentation following from a planned review of the fire safety inspections.

– We needed traceability

And MaintMaster is a tool that makes lightning fast searches possible for anything that has to do with a job, says Henrik Magnusson, Service Electrician, in charge of emergency maintenance at Lantmännen Aspen in Hindås.

Aspen’s maintenance department differs from most other maintenance departments in that, in addition to maintenance, it also conducts a large amount of project and development work. Henrik has just completed a project management course and he emphasizes the benefits of bringing clarity to projects thanks to a tool that is so simple that everyone can use it in their day-to-day operations.

– One major challenge is trying to visualize how we would like to retrieve the project data at every level in the future,” Henrik says and continues; Ours is a small organization and we use many contractors for our jobs, something which demands traceability and documentation in order to make good decisions.

For Aspen’s part, good decisions in this case concern focusing on improvements and systematic maintenance to safeguard the operations. This had long stood at the top of their wish list. Previously, Aspen had used AreticsT7, but had just transferred to MaintMaster maintenance software following a conversion project.

– The transition to MaintMaster could not have been smoother; Björn Lindberg at MaintMaster is a consummate professional. The conversion project took a few months, but it was problem-free and required minimum effort from us, as customers, Henrik says.
Today, all inspection rounds and documentation have been implemented. The daily Green Cross risk identification procedure is in place, and the organization uses MaintMaster as a journal in which to enter everything that concerns projects on a daily basis.

Continually speeding up the work order process has become a reality today. Previously, things were archived in ring binders, but today they are just three mouse-clicks away.

– The material values we are looking for are; saving time, traceability and having everything available at a single point. Something that is possible with MaintMaster, which offers so much more than just maintenance. It acts as our journal and contains everything we need for making good decisions, Henrik concludes.



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Who: Lantmännen Aspen
Energy & Environment
Employees: 10 000 people
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