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Anza, Orkla House Care, Organized maintenance from scratch

Entering the number of the work order directly on the invoice makes it possible to monitor easily the jobs that have been completed, and to match them against our own records.

Stefan Svensson

Orkla House Care in Bankeryd manufactures high quality brushes and rollers, for use by both professionals and “DIYers” alike. The products are known under several different retail names, depending on the market; Anza (Sweden), Jordan (Norway), Spekter (Denmark) and Hamilton (UK). 140 employees out of the total of 250, works at the factory in Bankeryd. The production started in 1946.

New demands on the maintenance department

Anza has been owned by Orkla since 2012, and is now a part of Orkla House Care AB. Due to the change in owners, new demands were placed on the maintenance department. In January 2016, the maintenance manager, Stefan Svensson, was recruited to restructure the entire maintenance department. He started almost from scratch and, after six months, the department was up to full capacity and showing good results.

Invite all suppliers

There are four people in the maintenance department, including two long-timers with extensive experience and detailed knowledge of the facility. Stefan also has two persons working for him from the external supplier, CM El. To ensure a smooth working process, they all work in MaintMaster maintenance software:

– Our colleagues from CM El work with us on a full-time basis. Their work is not just related to maintenance, they also help other areas of the plant with electrical installations etc. Thanks to their access to MaintMaster, they can plan their own time, because everything is entered into the maintenance system. And they can also report directly in the system, which saves time for us all.

There are many advantages in letting a supplier work directly in the maintenance system. But, above all, it is the overview of the time reporting and the consumption of spare parts that provides Stefan with a clear picture of the costs. CM EL’s office has also recognized the benefits of a single system and they now provide purchasing forecasts with a far greater accuracy than was the case previously. Stefan continues:

– Entering the number of the work order directly on the invoice makes it possible to monitor easily the jobs that have been completed, and to match them against our own records.

Focus on structured spare parts management

Order and structure are key issues for well-functioning maintenance. One of the first things Stefan started with was organizing the workshop for the maintenance department. Removing unnecessary stuff, replacing items, etc. The results are shown in the images below. One of their biggest challenges now, is to manage and bring the same order to the stockroom:

– When I started working here, we didn’t have any documentation for the spare parts. We didn’t know what we had in stock, nor the parts with the highest consumption. The initial step is to make an inventory, and to categorize all of the spare parts. Once we’ve finished, we will add our suppliers’ item numbers, so that it’ll be easy to search, find a match and create an order.

Having the opportunity to organize a maintenance department from scratch is a dream for many.
– We have come such a long way in just six months, but we are still facing a lot of challenges. One of the contributing factors to such good progress, in such a short space of time, is the confidence and support I receive from our management. It’s a tremendous help.


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Who: Anza, Orkla House Care
Employees: 300 people
Favorite functions: Smart Shortcuts and Mobile Maintenance



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