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ST1 ensuring process safety and traceability

We use the solution for everything from tank cleaning and inspection to ensuring process safety and traceability.
Jonas Rylander

The staff at the St1 terminal at the energy port in Gothenburg have been working on digitalizing their daily work in hazardous (Ex) areas for almost a year. The results have been very positive, meeting the targets of improved safety, reliability and overall process assurance.

Scaling up smart solutions for industry in hazardous (Ex) areas at St1

– We started out by digitalizing the verification processes for the different product types. We quickly saw that, due to the ease of use and flexibility of the solution, we could support any type of data collection process or inspection. Now, we use MaintMaster maintenance software for everything from tank cleaning and inspection to ensuring the process safety and traceability, says Jonas Rylander, Terminal Manager at St1 in Gothenburg, says.

The solution is now being rolled out in hazardous (Ex) areas in St1 terminals throughout Sweden. Gothenburg, Jönköping, Karlstad, Luleå and Södertälje are now being equipped with ATEX Zone 1 Certified & IECEx Zone1 iPads combined with the out-of-the box integrated solution MaintMaster Inspector – Powered by Hash Mobile. The Visby terminal will roll-out during the fall, based on the coming iPhone app version combined with ATEX Zone 1 Certified & IECEx Zone1 iPhones.

The collaboration between MaintMaster and Hash Mobile continues to deliver new and effective ways of digitalizing the daily work within many industries.



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Who: St1 Sverige AB
Energy & Environment
Employees: 1200 people
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