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Chapter 5

Improvement Maintenance

Improve the reliability, maintainability, and safety of your object with comprehensive improvement maintenance. This combination of technical, administrative, and managerial actions will help to ensure that your object is operating at its best.

Don't let breakdowns and accidents bring your operations to a halt – invest in improvement maintenance to achieve long-term success.

Improvement Maintenance According to Standard

Combination of all technical, administrative and managerial actions, intended to ameliorate the intrinsic reliability and/or maintainability and/or safety of an object, without changing the original function.

For maintenance, this means all measures aimed at prolonging service life and eliminating future defects.

The purpose of an improvement could be to:

  • Eliminate defects
  • Extend MTTM
  • Improve safety
  • Improve MTTR
  • Improve maintainability

Improvement maintenance excludes measures aimed at improving the machinery in terms of speed and quality. The same applies to the adaption of equipment for a new product or new packaging. These measures are called Modifications.





MaintMaster Maintenance Manual

This free manual can be used as a practical guide and support in the daily maintenance work and as part of the introductory material for newly employed personnel.

In this manual, you will learn:

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check_circle_icon_tealHow to build a maintenance team

check_circle_icon_tealWhich KPIs to use and how to set them up

check_circle_icon_tealHow to base your work on the EN Maintenance Standard

And a lot more…

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