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MaintMaster Academy

Stockroom & Purchase Orders

In this training program, we will explore the best practices for optimizing your inventory. By understanding what influences the classification of items in your inventory, you will be able to keep the right amount of stock to meet your needs.


About this course

In this part, we will go through how to optimize your inventory so that you have the right items at home when needed. We will also discuss what governs how you should classify your items so that you have the right number on the shelf to meet your needs. The knowledge will allow you to find your shelf warmers - items that are on the shelves but don't actually need to be there - but you will also be able to find the items that you always need to have at home.

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  • Location: Online
  • Required skills:
     System Introduction
     The System as a Tool
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Price: 990 EUR


Start date End date Location
26.03.2024 27.03.2023 Online



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