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Account deletion

If you for some reason would want to deleted your MaintMaster account, you should primarily contact your organization's MaintMaster administrator, and ask them to remove your account from the service. If they are unable to assist you for whatever reason, you can as a last resort send an email to, explaining what you want to do and what steps you have already taken. MaintMaster will then contact your organizations administrator to try to resolve the issue. MaintMaster will however never remove your account without your organization's approval, since this would consitute a violation of your organization's data ownership and is therefore their responsibility to manage.

What data does MaintMaster have about me as a user?

MaintMaster by default stores only your name and email adress, and no other personal information. Whatever information you as a user enter into the system is stored and considered the property of your organization and subject to their information handling policies. Even if you are removed as a user by your organization, the data you have entered will still be in the system unless your organization removes it, but no longer connected to your name or email. Typically, this is information related to maintenance or maintenance management but can in theory be anything, subject to your organization's policies.

What happens with my personal information if my organization leaves MaintMaster?

If your organization decides to leave MaintMaster, all of that organization's data will be deleted from all our systems, including backups within 10 working days, unless we are requested by the customer's organization to delete it sooner.

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