MaintMaster IoT Sensors are uniquely different


Plug and play addon to MaintMaster CMMS


MaintMaster IoT Sensors are designed to detect deviations long before breakdowns occur. Sensors are not a new technology. But to connect them to a maintenance system such as MaintMaster is where the real value is generated.

Data from the sensors will be fed directly into MaintMaster. There you can follow trends and set trigger alerts for deviations. Once a deviation is detected a work order will be created, on the right machine and send to the right competence.

Use Cases

Discover all the ways you can use MaintMaster’s IoT Sensors to improve your condition-based maintenance.

Detect deviations before breakdowns occur

Did you calculate how much a production stop costs you per minute, wouldn’t it be incredible if you could predict and prevent a few of these. No matter how good your preventive maintenance is, there will always be breakdowns that occur unexpectedly. With MaintMaster IoT Sensors, you will be able to predict some of them for optimal reliability.

Easy to set up

Our IoT sensors are designed in a way that they can be set up in a very short time. They are powered with batteries and communicate wireless. This makes it easy, fast and cost effective to set up sensors in large amounts. Plug and play.

Easy to integrate

Our sensors feed data directly into MaintMaster. This means that you configure all the variables and actions directly from a very familiar user interface – From MaintMaster. There is no need for consultants and programmers, if you are familiar with MaintMaster, you will be able to integrate sensor data!

Useful Data

Collecting data is easy, drawing useful conclusions for a more reliable production is the tricky part. The MaintMaster CMMS software is designed to do just that. MaintMaster automatically create workorders and other maintenance activities based on sensor data as well as all the graphs and diagrams that you need to present and monitor your activities.

Simple Triggers

The aim of our sensors is to create alerts and maintenance jobs based on certain limiting values. We have taken the time to predefine a broad set of limiting value suggestions and detections of changing trends that can be configured inside of MaintMaster. Setting up the triggers requires no programming skills. You can do it on your own.

Affordable Sensors

Our Sensors are priced at a point that makes it possible for you to monitor all your equipment. You will not have to make the choice between critical and non-critical machines. Just measure everything to ensure a more reliable production.

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When should I install IoT Sensors?

Our IoT sensors have many applications. You can use them to measure vibrations, air pressure, temperature and humidity. That means that there are many machines that can be monitored with MaintMaster IoT sensors.

Getting the data from the sensors and creating tasks from sensor data offers can create a huge benefit to your maintenance department. The biggest value however is created in one of the following scenarios.

When inspection requires the production to halt

Some inspections are only possible during a production stop but in many cases, some crucial components of a machine can be monitored with sensors while the production is at full capacity.

When deviations are invisible to human senses

Some deviations can only be observed with the right equipment. Take vibrations for instance: Our vibration sensors can provide reliable data and reliable comparisons over a long period of time.

When the object is hard to access

Some objects are located in far places that are hard to reach. If the procedure to reach them requires dismantling of objects or climbing into high places our sensors can save extensive amounts of work.

When the object needs frequent or constant surveillance

When the inspection is a health or safety risk

Some objects are located in places where extensive health and safety equipment is necessary for safe access. Installing sensors instead of having your maintenance personnel inspect dangerous objects has a promising potential to increase workplace safety.

Our sensors can detect:


Air Pressure







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Technical whitepaper

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