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Why SIVA Group chose MaintMaster at Maintec

For over 40 years, Maintec has been one of the longest-standing exhibitions for the predictive maintenance, reliability and asset management industry. This year's event turned out to be a turning point for one of Europe's leading producers of polyethene films, flexographic printing and packaging products, SIVA Group, who decided on their new maintenance management solution.

Let's explore why Steve Burnage, Head of Engineering at SIVA, chose MaintMaster as the new computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) to secure operational and maintenance excellence.


How SIVA Group made a decision at Maintec

With a commitment to delivering high-quality products worldwide, Steve and the wider team at SIVA Group understand the importance of great maintenance planning and first-class Asset Care.  Steve understood the requirement and needed a fresh and enduring solution – and Maintec was an excellent place to explore the system.

He was no stranger to the name MaintMaster.  Many industry professionals had told him about the flexibility and power of the system.  His research on finding the best maintenance solution for SIVA supported these positive recommendations.

At Maintec, he visited the MaintMaster stand, where Tom Reames, UK Sales Director for MaintMaster,  gave him a comprehensive demonstration of the system's vast features, agility, functionalities, and capabilities.  From the start, he was thoroughly impressed with the MaintMaster solution.


Joining maintenance excellence

The user-friendly interface, seamless navigation, and unlimited flexibility made the decision a simple one to make. With its strong client base and impressive credentials, Steve Burnage made a swift decision to invest in the system.

Recognising the great value it would bring their operations, SIVA Group signed a contract for the MaintMaster solution at Maintec and are excited to begin the journey towards enhancing productivity, maintenance processes and increasing both Asset Care levels and machine availability to best serve its customers.



SIVA Group's quest to find the perfect CMMS solution led them to MaintMaster at Maintec, where their representatives were impressed by its simplicity, flexibility, and comprehensive features, including the ability to grow functionality into the IOT sphere through its CBM and monitoring options.

By choosing MaintMaster, SIVA Group is confident that they have made a sound investment in the future of their operations. With MaintMaster as a partner, SIVA Group is looking to improve its efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance maintenance processes, ensuring its continued success as a global industry leader in polyethene films, flexographic printing and packaging.



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