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There are three editions of MaintMaster; Team, Business and Enterprise. Regardless of which edition you choose, you’ll obtain access to all the features of MaintMaster. Start by filling in the number of users you need and then choose which package suits your business best. Order now, and pay-as-you-go. The first 30 days are free of charge!



The Pay-as-you-go Agreement is our default agreement. Full flexibility, no binding, no signing of contracts. You simply use what you need. For cost control, volume discounts and commitment, we recommend signing a MaintMaster Community Agreement. Contact sales for a quotation.


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You might find it a bit tricky to calculate the return on investment (ROI). Don’t worry! We’ve helped a lot of customers with their calculations and we’ll be glad to help you, read more about ROI or contact us.

Basic user

- Report what's happened, and see it all.A Basic User benefits from all of the information in MaintMaster. They can quickly and easily create fault reports, suggestions and all other types of jobs using a user-friendly guided interface.

For everyone in your company!

Essential user

- Get it done!An Essential User can be assigned all types of jobs, take action and report what´s been done. Use all the information available in MaintMaster for better control and a more efficient work.

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Standard user

- Customize, manage and create!A Standard User has access to everything MaintMaster offers, limited only by the permissions granted.

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